Micromax Returns with an anti-China sentiment?

As we already know that Micromax is making a comeback in the Indian smartphone market on November 3rd (at 12 pm noon ). with the new IN series smartphone, which may price range will be 7k to 25k. but this time things are different from Micromax. Micromax should be focusing on their new smartphone product instead they’re playing with Indian anti-china sentiment. what it is? let’s start

What’s wrong with Micromax? (Anti-China sentiment)

first up they started off by celebrating the 70 years of independence on August 15th, they had a release a quick teaser on the Micromax tweeter account. And they announced that India is going to get its smartphone once again in the market.

In This video, Micromax explained how India is becoming dependent on other countries for imports. And he also told that this is the time to do something for India. and Micromax mentioned “73 years of independence or being independence?” #AtmaNirbharBharat #JoinTheRevolution #IndependenceDay

And recently Micromax posted a new video of Rahul Sharma ( co-founder of Micromax) on Oct 16 talking about the Micromax journey.

But in this video, they only talk about the journey of Micromax. no mention of any specification any product and no teaser nothing. After this video, they just announced the November 3rd for lunch event of a new product of Micromax.

Probably we know that Micromax is overdoing this whole cashing in on the anti-china sentiment. in fact, the way they are hyping up these in smartphones they probably plan on selling these smartphones by pushing the whole anti-china sentiment and emotion. not by promoting the actual features of their smartphone. this might be helpful for Micromax to target the right market segment.

Micromax smartphone lineup

In the new era of the smartphone company generally talks about, upcoming phones they always talk about the key specs like “super fast” or “super smooth” “good performance” “incredible cameras” ” high refresh rate” ” best displays” and “long-lasting batteries” etc. But on the other hand Micromax, they aren’t talking about their phones at all the teasers in this invite all talk about china trying to invoke patriotism in the Indian people.

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Surviving in India after a border confrontation with China becomes very challenging for every Chinese product/company. And every Indian manufacturing company thinks so, this is the right time to try to become a backbone for India and sell its product with the Make in India tagline.

Here are some leaks of the new Micromax lineup as per the Rumours

in one (IN 1)  and the in one an (IN 1a)  supposed name of the new Micromax smartphones will come with MediaTek chipsets the g35 and g85 5000 image batteries dual cameras HD plus displays so yeah these are going to be low-end smartphones but all of this is very strange because at the end of the day it’s the product that actually matters

Why Micromax (an Indian Smartphone Company) failed in India?

in 2014 Micromax was doing pretty well in fact it actually managed to beat Samsung to become the topmost smartphone maker in India back in quarter 2 (2014).

The main reason for the failure of Micromax is, Chinese companies arrived in India and they beat lava, Micromax, and each small smartphone company. you can visit this article for more information about, How Did The Chinese Beat Indian Brands To Rule The Indian Smartphone Market?

Apart from this, there are some other reasons for to failure of there were a lot of issues with Micromax I think you will relate and agree when we say that Micromax failed because of factors like the

  • buggy-software issue
  • builds the bloatware (not truly good)
  • poor service center experiences and
  • Rebranded Chinese phones

a good product will always survive so if the Micromax smartphones were actually good they would have survived. but not exactly it happens?

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What’s the solution? Micromax

Today when they’re making a comeback in the Indian smartphone market they should be focusing on their new smartphone product instead they’re playing with Indian sentiments (anti-china sentiment).
it should talk about products, Micromax should focus on the new feature of how they can make their smartphone different from others? and how they are fixing the issues that are present in the current smartphone world.

< Micromax should be talking more about the new smartphones to take place in the market rather than using this anti-china sentiment >

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