How to Focus on Body Image and is your Body Image Positive?


Your body image forms a key part of your sense of identity and includes all the things you believe about your appearance, Whether they are accurate, whether they are accurate or not.

How to Focus on Body Image and is your Body Image Positive?-

It sums up how you see yourself when looking in a mirror, or when you imagine a picture of yourself in your mind and is based on your memories and experiences, your assumptions about what Is attractive, and how you feel about your own appearance.

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How positive is your body image?

Body image and a preoccupation with weight and shape is a key feature of current popular culture. We are bombarded with images of ‘perfect’ airbrush celebrities. who are judge on their bodies, clothes, and appearance as a person? This increases the pressure on people watching the news, reading the papers, or following so-called reality TV shows to compete with these unrealistic images. When we inevitably don’t measure up to the nip-tucked, photo-shopped images, it’s easy to feel that you are less than perfect, giving your body image a severe blow.

Everyone has feelings about the way they look, and about how they imagine other people see them. It’s normal to feel good about cetin parts of your body. Such as your ankles but less good about other areas, such as the tummy. These assessments help to provide the motivation you need to change what can be changed through a healthy diet and exercise regime. But it’s also important to accept those things that can’t be changed, such as your height or the family features you’ve inherited.

Having a healthy body image means you see yourself accurately. Most of the time, and feel comfortable with who you are without obsessing or experiencing undue worry. It’s about knowing that your physical appearance does not reflect your value as a person. Having a negative body image means you don’t feel food about how you look or who you are and worry about how others see you. You may have a distorted image of your body. Not surprisingly, this causes a lot of emotional distress and can lead to over-exercising and eating disorders.

Take care on social media

Newspapers and TV shows are known to influence how people feel about their appearance. But studies now show that being exposed to selfies. And other photos on social media are more likely to have a negative impact on your body image. It seems that friend’s photo is more influential towards how you perceive yourself than those of celebrities or strangers. The comparisons you draw between yourself and images of people you know are more likely to hit closer to home.

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As a result, spending a lot of time on social media looking at pictures of friends. And acquaintances can contribute towards feeling bad about yourself. Researchers looked at the impact of social media on body image in 881 female college students in the US. The women answered questions about their Facebook and Instagram use, their eating and exercise patterns, their body image. The results showed that the more time they spent on Facebook and Instagram, the more they compared their body. With those of their friends, and the more negative they felt about their own appearance.

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