Complete Guide to Make Money on YouTube

Welcome to another article related to make money online. In this article, I am going to share how to make money on YouTube. I am going to cover some basics, how you can create a YouTube channel, how you can monetize your YouTube channel, the basic requirement to monetize your channel, and How much money will you get from YouTube.

I am also going to include some advanced tips on how to choose a NICHE and what to choose NICHE, how you can market your YouTube channel on social media. Different ways to earn with YouTube. Besides, we will share some personal experiences with YouTube and give us some suggestions. let’s start the guide to Make Money on YouTube –

Is it easy to Make Money on YouTube?

Today’s everyone wondering to make money online. and people try many kinds of tactics to make money with their online activity. some are marketing online products some are selling photographs online and earning well, some are handling the social media account and posting sponsored account, some are doing blogging, some are investing in cryptocurrency, some are doing freelancing, etc.

if you do Google there are millions of articles related to making money online. and some are having a different approach like make 1000$ dollar in 1 day using this tactic and some have posted to start a YouTube channel and earn millions of dollars overnight. ( truly all is fake).

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If you want to start a YouTube channel and make money through youTube then you have to come up on the YouTube platform. but remember don’t come up with that mindset, that you will earn millions of dollars overnight. this is not going to be.

This is true to say YouTube is a very popular social media tool worldwide. and YouTube has grown exponentially over a few years. Google bought YouTube in 2006 for US$1.65 billion.

YouTube Marketing Statistics: Important facts about YouTube  

These metrics are according to the survey of OBERLO, YouTube Report 2019, and Google.

  • 79% of the internet user has their YouTube account.
  • YouTube is 2nd most popular tools social media tool after Facebook which has over 2 billion users on the internet.
  • nearly eight out of ten (78.8 %) of marketers consider it to be the most effective platform for video marketing
  • 90 percent of U.S. internet users aged 18 to 44 years accessed,  YouTube when it comes to the uses of YouTube
  • Every day people watch one billion hours of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views
  • 62 percent of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content
  • More than 70 percent of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices
  • 90 percent of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube
  • 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide
  • 90 percent of US digital video viewers use YouTube, the most popular channel for digital video consumption.
  • More than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices
  • T-series is the number one #1 YouTube channel worldwide
  • YouTube has 167 million active users from the US country
  • Brazil is the second in terms of YouTube users
  • A one million YouTube view worth on average is  $200,000 – $2,000,00
  • As of 2019, there are more than 31 million YouTube channels out there

Source- OBERLO, YouTube Report 2019,

Why should you create a YouTube channel to make money?

According to the YouTube report of 2019. there are 2 billion active users on the YouTube platform. and still, there is only 31 million YouTube channel out there. that means YouTube still demands unique creates to come on their platform and guide people. there is still the best hope to get success in the YouTube partner program. start a YouTube channel today and guide others. if you are unable to choose your NICHE then don’t worry I am going to share some best topics. Read this article carefully.

Why YouTube is so popular?

YouTube is serving information to all over the world free of cost. and it allows the beginner, professional, worker, trainer, student, teacher, etc. to come upon the platform and share your knowledge and services to guide people. It is easy to use and easy to manage the platform. It is completely safe because it’s owned by Google in 2006. you can create your channel on YouTube and if your channels meet the requirements you can become a YouTube partner program.

Top 5  highest-paid YouTubers of 2019 by CNBC

  • Ryan Kaji – $26 million
  • Dude Perfect – $20 million
  • Anastasia Radzinskaya – $18 million
  • Rhett and Link – $17.5 million
  •  Jeffree Star – $17 million
    Source–  CNBC 2019 Report 

13 Best YouTube NICHE you can choose to start your channel

  • Unboxing of smartphone & Tech. gadget
  • review the product smartphone & tech gadget (especially iPhone )
  • digital marketing & SEO guide
  • health & wellness tips & guidance
  • start a gaming channel
  • money making tips thorough online activity
  • motivation guide
  • tips & tricks videos & Lifehacks videos
  • educational guide
  • Bollywood & Hollywood news
  • travel & vlogging
  • become consultant & online classes
  • comedy & reaction on live topics

A step-by-step: a guide to creating a YouTube channel

Step 1.  go to Google and type YouTube or open the YouTube application on your smartphone (to create a channel from your mobile phone) and tap on the <Sign in> button.

Step 2. Sign in with your Google account. as you can see in the picture

Step 3. Tap the “create a new channel ” button.

Step 4. choose a unique name for your channel. you can use your Brand name or services name. A unique and best channel name represents your good content.

Step 5. upload a profile picture by simply clicking on the <Upload picture> button. as you can see in the picture below.

Step 6. Tell viewers about your channel, let your viewers know what or whom your videos are about. Your description can show up in the search result.

Step 7. Add links to your site, sharing social inks will help your viewers to stay connected with you.

Congratulation! your channel is live on the internet.  as you can see in the picture below-

Step-by-step: Enable your Channe Monetization

  1. Go to YouTube and sign in with your account
  2. Tap on your account showing in the top right corner.
  3. Click  <YouTube Studio>  as shown in the picture
  4. In the left menu bar, scroll the feature and tap on < Monetization>.
  5. Read and click on the agree to the YouTube Partner Program terms
  6. connect to Google AdSense account. you can create a new or choose an existing Google AdSense account. You need an AdSense account to get paid by YouTube. (Google AdSense is being able to monetize your website and YouTube channel at the same time)
  7. Set your monetization preferences

Minimum eligibility requirements to turn on monetization features on your channel

YouTube reviews your channel before you’re accepted in the YouTube Partner Program and YouTube constantly reviews your channels to ensure your channel meeting all the policies and guidelines. your account gets approved by YouTube only when your channel meets the minimum eligibility requirements for monetization.

  1. Be at least 18 years old, or have a legal guardian older than 18 years of age who can handle your payments via AdSense.
  2. created content must meet Google advertiser-friendly content guidelines
  3. To get into the YouTube Partner Program, your channel needs to have 4,000 public watch hours from the last 12 months,
  4. 1,000 subscribers from the last 12 months. Your channel will also get reviewed to make sure that it follows YouTube monetization policies.

5 Best Ways to Make Money on YouTube channel


01. Join the YouTube Partner Program: The best way to make money through YouTube

Uploading videos on YouTube you won’t get paid by YouTube. neither your channel gets monetized by YouTube default. to start making money with your YouTube channel, you have to join the YouTube partner program and to monetize your channel with a YouTube partner programmer first you need to enable monetization from your YouTube studio setting.

display Advertising is the best and easiest way to make money through your YouTube channel. YouTube shows ads before presenting your videos to the users. And YouTube only pays you as often as your ads are seen by users.

Ways to Make Money in the YouTube Partner Program

You may be able to Make Money on YouTube through the following features: YouTube Partner Program 

  1. Advertising revenue: Get ad revenue from the display, overlay, and video ads.
  2. Channel memberships: Your members make recurring monthly payments in exchange for special perks that you offer.
  3. Merchandise shelf: Your fans can browse and buy official branded merchandise that’s showcased on your watch pages.
  4. Super Chat & Super Stickers: Your fans pay to get their messages highlighted in chat streams.
  5. YouTube Premium Revenue: Get part of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when they watch your content.

Each method has its eligibility requirements in terms of subscriber and views count. you can visit for more information about these methods. and read the eligibility requirements of each method.

Source – YouTube Partner Program 

02. Use YouTube to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Another way to make money through YouTube channel is you use YouTube as a marketing tool for your self-hosted website. driving traffic through YouTube is not easy as easy its sounds. but I am going to share some tactics with you implementing them you may able to drive traffic to your website.  many bloggers are using YouTube as their marketing to drive traffic to their website.

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Driving traffic through the YouTube channel to your website is more beneficial Because both YouTube and website are monetized with Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the highest paying ad network in the world which is programmed by Google. You can monetize your YouTube channel and website to Google AdSense. you will be able to generate more revenue from AdSense. and this is the best way to double your earnings.

YouTubers who are successfully driving millions of traffic through YouTube

  1. Neil Patel
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Moz
  4. search engine journal
  5. SeMrush

How to drive traffic to your site from YouTube

Use a phrase of “visit my site for more information”

The simplest way to drive traffic to your website is to use the phrase in between the video “visit my site for more information”.  This is as simple as it sounds. and it works well. users were more sensitive when they heard about some written fact. and “more information” is a sentence that includes itself that you had not covered complete information about the topics. and users love to read a complete article about topics. using your site link in the demographic picture shows that you have some serious information about a particular topic.

using the phrase “visit my site” gets set in your users their minds. and it becomes easy for them to find your site on the web.

Mention website URL in the video description

Another way to make money through YouTube is to mention your website URL in your video description. if your YouTube channel is performing well on the internet and if people care about they going to check your channel description box. as we had mentioned use phrases like, check channel description for more information and visit our site for sources & information. this is going to work.

This is the easiest way to redirect your channel traffic to your website. you can see how you can mention the link of your social media, website, and other URL in a mentioned picture.

  • Neil Patel

  • Ahrefs

03. Join a highly paid affiliate program and use the affiliate link in your video description

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing’s basic key is revenue sharing. Affiliate marketing is action-based marketing; it is a process of earning commissions by promoting and recommending products of any company to people on your basis. affiliate marketing is the simplest way to make money from home.

How does Affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is the bonding between the product and also a consumer. Affiliate marketing is a great business strategy to make money online. whenever users click on the URL which is mentioned by you. the user will redirect to another page directly. and by the per sell you well get paid by your affiliate program. all you need to join the highly paid affiliate program.

Visit –complete guide to affiliate marketing& highly paid affiliate program.

link affiliate URL in the Video description

Affiliate marketing is marketing where you make money even while sleeping. make sure your videos should be related to the product and you have reviewed the product in your videos. and do not promote fake products and services to earn money. incase if you promote a worthless product you will lose your engagement and user will be left their beliefs from you.

These are some YouTubers who are using this affiliate marketing is perfect for earning money. all you need to do is join an affiliate program and mentioned the product link likewise as mentioned in the picture.

  • Beebom

  • Marques Brownlee

04. Sell your Merchandise through the YouTube channel

Creators who have at least 10,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel will have the option to sell merchandise. YouTubers use to print on demand (POD) to satisfy their customer. many YouTubers are having over 10000 subscribers and they are selling their merchandise through the channel. People like to buy goods from the creator because the creator brings a new trend in the market with a fashion style or channel.  most of them sell their Self-designed t-shirts. As you can see in the picture these are some YouTubers who are using this tactic to get double their income.  

  • Marques Brownlee

  • Technical guruji


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