“Kem Cho Trump-Donald Trump & Melania” Trump visit to India

I am going to share with you the complete detail of meeting Donald trump and Narendra Modi. 45th US President Donald Trump and also Melania will be visiting India. For two days on 24th and 25 Feb, both will meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Both will be visiting New Delhi and also Ahmedabad. They will join the “Kem Cho, Trump” event which gonna held in Ahmedabad. “Kem Cho, Trump” is a Gujarati translation of Howdy Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also US President Donald Trump will be inaugurated the newly made Sardar Vallabhbhai Stadium in Ahmedabad city.

The stadium is newly built which is now the largest cricket stadium in the world.

The US president will be at Motera stadium Gujarat which is the Indian prime minister’s hometown. And also they served as chief minister for three terms between 2001 to 2014. Gujarat State government predicate that the approximate125,000 people are expected to attend the inaugural event at the stadium. Melania Trump replies to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet, “Looking forward to Visit India and also excited about this trip”.


Twitter message related to Donald Trump and Narendra Modi. Melania trump Post a thanks message to Narendra Modi.


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