Best Children Hospitals in India

Children are the future of our country and it is important to protect their previous lives with the best healthcare facilities. It is important that the children hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure. This is to ensure that their health is taken care of with the most experienced and qualified doctors and surgeons. When it comes to children’s health, the best hospital should be selected to deal with serious conditions, illnesses and diseases.

Whether it is a minor or major health problem, there are specialized healthcare professionals who treat children in the best children hospital. The complex and delicate nature of treatment, requires specialized treatment that are offered by pediatric surgery hospital. These hospitals are specially designed with specialized departments, innovative treatment procedures and latest technology for helping children of every age to fight off diseases easily and effectively. For robust children health, it is important to choose the best children hospital in India that meets the unique healthcare needs and requirements of the infants and young children.

The best children hospitals in India


This is one of the most reputable super specialty hospitals in Hyderabad, India that is equipped with multi-faceted unit that is dedicated to the pediatric unit. It is a well know pediatric surgery hospital that has a well established emergency unit for catering to the traumatic and critical child injuries. Treating a child is completely different from treating an adult and this is the reason why this hospital pays special attention to children’s health in a trustworthy and ethical manner. The inpatient pediatric wing is fully equipped with the latest technology equipment and machines for ensuring that there is no delay in treating children with serious health ailments or injuries.

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

This is one of the most popular pediatric hospital in Mumbai that is dedicated to children, infants and young adults. The latest technology of Neonatal ICUs and pediatric ICUs are the best facility for treating critically ill children and premature babies. The High Frequency Jet Ventilation is the reason for the popularity of this pediatric surgery hospital where different surgeries are carried on like complex cancer surgeries, robotic surgeries and liver transplants. With different departments of children healthcare, this hospital boasts of having the most qualified and experienced pediatricians and pediatric surgeons for meeting the healthcare needs of children.

Wockhardt Hospital

This multispecialty hospital located in the heart of Mumbai city has been offering healthcare services for the last four decades. This is the most popular children hospitals in India with 9 branches in Mumbai and the technologically advanced equipments ensure that the best care and treatment are offered to children of every age group. The state of the art facilities are known to meet the international treatment standards and it takes care of children with any health complications. Being the best hospital for children, Wockhardt is also known as the best pediatric surgery hospital.

Apollo Hospital

This hospital is not only the best hospital in Hyderabad but also one of the best hospitals in the world that offers top- notch healthcare facilities. The integrated healthcare system coupled with the specialized pediatric department that treats children of every age group. The sprawling hospital campus has different departments which include eye care, renal diseases, cancer care, critical illness and communicable diseases that are prevalent among young children. Building long term trust is the primary objectives of the doctors who try their best to ensure that the top quality medical services are offered to children.

Manipal Hospitals

This is one of the best pediatric hospital in India that has highly skilled, experienced and qualified world class pediatricians who specializes in their respective fields. From the birth of the baby, through their growing phase, Manipal hospitals is known to adopt multidisciplinary approach for meeting the healthcare needs of young children. The excellent quality care, specialized treatment, state of the art technology and world renowned expertise of these professionals uses the top most pediatric care model for improving the healthcare of infants and children of every age group. The pediatricians are highly trained and skilled for diagnosing and treating the common illnesses of children who are facing minor and major health diseases.


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