What is Organic Food? and Benefits of Organic Food

What is Organic Food?

Organic Food is food produced without using any poisonous drugs, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and also genetically modified organisms. Organic means produced items that work with the environment. As per the Pure & Eco India report In 2018, the global organic products market has exceeded the US $ 100 billion.

Why Real Organic Food Is Better?

In today’s generations where we’re not given more importance to our food and also lifestyle. As per the WHO, Sep 2018 report facts show that cancer is the second leading cause of death globally,

about 1 in 6 deaths are due to cancer(1). Where one reason is that the people not taking the right and also proper diet. For that, we need good food which is more nutritious and also healthier for us. So organic food is a way to get more nutrition. Organic food has more nutrition comparing non-organic.

Here are some top benefits to Eat Organic Food-

  • Prevents diseases caused by toxic fertilizers & Pesticides
  • Antioxidant capacity due to the absence of foreign chemicals
  • Develop a strong immune system
  • Renders more nutrition & energy
  • Good for Heart
  • It tastes better & more nutrients
  • Better For the Environment.

Is your Food is Really Organic?

There are too many companies in the market who claim that their products are certified but how we can assure that we purchase real food? For that USA agriculture department set up an accreditation certification program globally known as USDA organic (The United States department of agriculture). Who made the rules & regulations for organic farming. These rules & regulations are followed by farmers and also producers. USDA has a traceability system, where they can track the food from farm to kitchen. All we need to check is that every organic product is labeled with the USDA Organic Seal.

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