How to Improve Your Website Ranking

Did you know that the two most important factors contributing to Improve Your Website ranking by google are high-quality content and a great deal of link building?
As per, hardly 0.78% of Google searchers open the link from the second page of their browsing results.
Think with Google says that 39% of purchases get influenced by relevant marketing research. As per, 75% of people don’t scroll beyond the first page of search engine results.
And one can list endless facts stating the importance of effective SEO and good quality content to improve website ranking. These are the key factors that determine digital visibility and sales in this content-hungry and digitized world.
It is integral to understand how a business attracts traffic on its website if it wants to survive. To have a visible online presence, you need to keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) your priority.
“If you miss out on being the number one on someone’s search results, you miss out on a big slice of the potential customers’ pool.”
Google has the lion’s share (92.27%) of the total search engine market, and that’s how it rules the way a webpage ranks on its browser (inter-growth. co). Google is working incessantly to improve UI/UX, and it is impossible to trick it with keyword stuffing and irrelevant content.
But, it’s never too late to start again. Here we will explain in-depth how to improve website ranking.

What is website ranking?

You open your browser, and let’s say you search for ” digital marketing”.
Now you will see several blue links with every blue link followed by some two-three lines of content. The page you landed after entering the term “digital marketing”, is called the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
In this SERP, you have many website links related to your query. The order in which these results are placed is called website ranking. Based on content relevance, backlinks employed, and quality of content, a browser determines site ranking. If a website is more visible, it will appear on top in website ranking or even the snippets. But if the website or content has less visibility, it may shift to the next page or beyond.
Site ranking may differ for different browsers. Whichever website ranks on top in Google may not even be on page two of Bing. To improve website ranking, you need to consider the browser too.

What makes a website rank high?

Before we discuss the SEO part and how to improve website ranking using SEO, here are certain ageless factors one must consider:
The content
“Content is King.”
Even though keywords are necessary to make the content visible, the importance of authoritative content can’t be downplayed. Many search engines are constantly working on rewarding quality content. If a webpage ranking is high, it automatically means that this search result has high relevancy.
The website’s architecture: UI, UX, and others
User Interface or (UI) deals with a site’s aesthetics and looks. A website with interactive graphics involves more audience. User Experience (UX) deals with the experience of navigating through a website. Does the website looks arbitrary or does it feel smooth? That’s what UX is about.
Along with the UI/UX of the site, the use of new, improved encoding systems that use URL rewriting technologies is needed to improve website ranking. If a website is easily readable and navigable even by people with disabilities, there are higher chances of better site rankings.
These are not the only factors that affect website ranking. Let’s get to know how to improve website ranking with these tips.

How to improve your website ranking?

Needless to say, a site’s popularity is dynamic. It may not stay the same forever. Keeping the current situation in mind, these are the ways by which you can improve website ranking.

# Keep updating your website

Content matters to us, and it matters to a search engine too. A site ranking is determined by how relevant is its content, which in turn is determined by how fresh its content is. Keep a set schedule to update your content and make necessary updates regularly.

# Maintain a robust blog

Did you know that 80% of major purchases start with online research, even if the purchase itself happens in a store (Inter-growth. co)? That’s why the importance of maintaining a blog cannot be downplayed. Keep a keyword-rich yet knowledge-filled blog post that people find helpful when they are researching a product that matches your niche. It will generate traffic, your website ranking will be high, and eventually, you will register sales growth.

# Have a link-worthy site

A website with unbiased and quality content is more likely to attract links from other sites, which improves your site ranking. By adding descriptive links instead of “click here” links, you can give more value to your content and increase readability. Using descriptive links is like killing two targets with one stone, i.e., you can improve search ranking by inserting keywords, and not affecting readability at the same time.

# Emphasize authoritative, relevant content

Content-driven through in-depth knowledge in a niche is authoritative content. If you are creating user-specific content, it will drive traffic to your site, and thus, improve website ranking. Put yourself as an authority on the topic you write about. You can make better use of SEO only after following this step.

# Using keywords craftily

Research and use a keyword phrase for every authoritative blog post you write. Also, considering how your reader might search for something related to your product will land you some good keyword phrases.
But, if one has used multiple unrelated keyword phrases, it will be fruitless as it may not get a good website ranking for any of these keywords.
While placing those keywords, make sure that you are natural and user-friendly. Forcefully inserted keywords will distract the reader and make them uncomfortable while reading your blog.

# Don’t forget the meta-data

Description metadata is like a trailer to a movie, i.e., if the trailer attracts your attention, you will want to watch the Movie. A decent meta-data has two complete medium-length sentences. Search engines generally don’t use the given meta-data, but if it does, it will attract more readers to your website and improve website ranking. So don’t leave any stone unturned!

# Increase the page loading speed

Do you know what’s the most unattractive thing about a search result? Slow loading time! Your browser may push down your site ranking, and all those tips you applied from the ” how to improve website ranking” article may remain unutilized. As per research, 40% of visitors leave a website taking longer than 3 seconds to load, and 80% of these visitors won’t ever return to the website.
To avoid that, remove unnecessary plugins, test the speed and response time for free with various services available online. This will repair some of the damage, but in the long run, change your web hosting provider. With these methods implemented, your page will load fast and readers will keep coming back for more content, thus improving website ranking.

Which factors affected your website ranking?

We may have talked about a lot of factors that improve website ranking or affects site ranking, but there is always scope for improvement in the dynamic content world. Here is our list of factors affecting your site ranking.
• Inserting interesting pictures: Image files with the vastly available file format, size, and relevancy to the content makes it more interactive and less boring for the readers.
• Using outbound links: You can improve website ranking by increasing the credibility of your blog. Mention the credible sources with the link and other blog links from where you have taken help or data. • Writing click-worthy titles: A title with emotional element, easy readability and clarity, relevancy to the content, and keeping the keywords on the initial part of the line will help you increase the click rate and thus site ranking.


Learning how to improve website ranking is a skill that can make or break your site traffic. It is an investment that goes a long way in ensuring your market success, sales, and brand value in the ever-competitive world. So, don’t get overwhelmed, get started with the tips, and move ahead as you learn more and register the difference.

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