A Complete Guide Of Whatsapp Business Account

How to verify WhatsApp business account?

How to verify WhatsApp business account?

Whatsapp needs no introduction. With a global monthly user base (MAUs) of 1.5 billion people, it dominates the messaging and video calling application arena. Even if all competitors come together, use heavy promotion strategies, and introduce new user interfaces, it will be tough to beat Whatsapp.

Whatsapp business account is a new feature rolled out by this messaging app that aims to capture market share in the payments app section and advance as a business facilitator by taking the giant user base in its favor. It will surely bring a phenomenal change in the functionality of big businesses and small enterprises.

We will learn what precisely a Whatsapp business account is, how to make a WhatsApp business account, and how to verify a WhatsApp business account.

What is a WhatsApp Business Account?

Before the WhatsApp business account feature got rolled out, small enterprises were using it as a gateway to confirm payments, receive orders, and other such business facilitating tasks. The messaging app tapped this segment and made a Whatsapp business account, which is now actively used by many small and big enterprises alike.

A Whatsapp business account is when you download the business app by WhatsApp and set up a business account on it. The business version is different from its private messaging app due to three major features:

  • Business Profile
  • Labels
  • Messenging Tools

And some other features which were not present in the private app. Before learning how to make a WhatsApp business account, we will get into the details of these features.

  • The business profile

When a customer opens your contact on WhatsApp, they will see a business profile with your contact number, opening and closing hours, website, let you list the products, and other such information about your business. The user will know whether they are dealing with a personal account or a business account.

  • Automatic Response and quick replies

If you are away from the phone, nearing closing hours, or are simply tired of answering repeated questions, you can put automatic messages in place. You can use them to introduce your business, answer repeated questions, and answer anticipated queries. You can save some pre-written messages so that you can avoid writing them from scratch for a repeated question.

  • Product Catalogue

Whatsapp lets you showcase a catalog of your services or products on your business profile. After opening your business account on WhatsApp, you have to choose the catalog option and get started with attractive photos and informative captions.

  • Labels and Categories

You can put labels on different customers. For example, you can use these labels like advanced payment, paid, ordered, pending payment, new customer, potential customer, order complete, etc. Make category as per these labels as per your requirement

  • Broadcast messages

If customers have added you to their contact list, you can message them through the broadcast option. You can send bulk messages to many users at once. The upper cap is 256 contacts. A business account on WhatsApp can use it to update customers on the latest products, upcoming events, sales, any unforeseen inconvenience,s and other promotional messages.

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WhatsApp Business API VS Average Whatsapp Business Account

After WhatsApp business login, you will be asked to pick one from two options:

  • Whatsapp Business Account
  • Whatsapp Business API

Whenever you stumble upon the question, “what is a Whatsapp business account?”, you are not explained that the messaging app has divided businesses into two parts.

  • Small scale businesses
  • Medium and large scale businesses

The small scale and local businesses can install the app from Google Playstore or Apple store, sign up, and log in to their account. However, they will need a different phone number for WhatsApp business login, as the other number is for personal use. Buy a new sim, a smartphone, or use the landline number during sign-up. It is a single-user manageable account.

For medium and large-scale businesses, the messaging platform rolled out Whatsapp Business API, which has premium features that require a business to pay for them. It requires approval by Whatsapp Partner. Those dealing with large or global scale businesses prefer API version as multiple users can manage this account from multiple devices. 

The API version has some restrictive features, but it suits large businesses as it can integrate with partner software. API accounts receive Whatsapp green tick notifications, which proves the authenticity of their brand to the customer. Therefore, a business account in Whatsapp with an API version is suited for large-scale businesses due to its global-scale management capability.

How to make a WhatsApp Business Account?

Now that you’ve learned what is a WhatsApp business account, let’s understand how to make a WhatsApp business account. Before getting started, here are some pre-requisites you must read carefully:

  • You can migrate chat history and media to a new WhatsApp business account from an existing personal account.
  • However, if you decide to switch back from a WhatsApp business account to a personal messenger app, you won’t get your chat history.
  • You can use a WhatsApp business account and messenger app together only if both the accounts are liked to different numbers. You cannot use one phone number to link both apps simultaneously.

Now that you’ve learned the pre-requisites of a business account in WhatsApp, let’s get to know how to make a WhatsApp business account.

Step 1: Download the app from Google Play Store/ Apple App Store.

Step 2: Get your business phone number verified. Below we have mentioned how to verify WhatsApp business account.

Step 3: Restore your private account by using the backup option, if you wish.

Step 4: Set a business name.

Step 5: Build your profile from scratch. Click More Options, go to settings, click your business name, and get started!

How to verify WhatsApp Business Account?

Whenever scrolling through social media feed, if we come across a personality with a blue tick at the end of their name, it makes a distinct impression of a personality’s importance. In the same way, a WhatsApp green tick verification ensures that the business has some credibility. However, only API accounts are eligible for this mark.

Let’s learn how to get WhatsApp green tick verification.

Step 1: Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, therefore, first get your Facebook business account verified.

Step 2: If you haven’t found a WhatsApp solution provider, pick one from the Facebook partner directory and contact this WhatsApp business solution provider. They gather information and send that to WhatsApp.

Step 3: Send the screenshot of your Facebook verification, business website address, Facebook page URL, and if having a non-English business name, to the solution provider.

Step 4: Apply, and wait for verification. This process usually takes 3 weeks.


Whatsapp business accounts are guaranteed to make your business management more efficient, improve customer outreach, and build a more professional outlook. On top of that, a business can build its network in multiple spheres.

However, businesses need to ensure that their enterprise can manage another social selling platform, and gets benefits out of group broadcasts. Also, a WhatsApp business account is only effective if your customers share their numbers with you, and are open to communicating with you on WhatsApp.

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