Beginner’s Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO for beginners: introduction to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

For achieving a higher page ranking on search engines Google, SEO is the main factor. The company thereby focuses on gaining adequate support from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts that help in generating quality content thereby helping the former in gaining needed success in terms of attracting web traffic, driving sales leads and conversions, and enhancing sales. SEO is also identified as an effective way of carrying out the online promotion of business offerings made by a company and its brand. SEO is used by all search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc. Search engine optimization uses keywords that attract a user to the company, SEO mostly used for getting a higher rank on google so you can get more traffic on your site. And you can market your services in a more specific way.

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Top Benefits of Using SEO For Your Business

  • Most of the traffic which is estimated at 65-70% comes to the top 5 results of Search engine results pages (SERP), the top 5 website page more clicks by visitors. Very few like to go on the next page on the search engine result pages. That can be done by SEO to give you a higher ranking on the search results.

  • As per the Banklinko report
    • The #1 position in SERP has an average of 31.7% CTR
    • The #2 position in SERP has an average of 24.7% CTR
    • The #3 position in SERP has an average of 18.6% CTR
    • The #4 position in SERP has an average of 13.6% CTR
    • The #5 position in SERP has an average of 9.51% CTR

  • People rely more on search engine websites that appear on search results all the time. Because these are the sites are more relevant for their search queries
  • Using SEO people can promote their business in more effective ways. Even on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People can open new boundaries for their businesses where they can take advantage of a lot of new opportunities
  • SEO helps your website to run smoothly, every new and old blogger can avail of SEO.
  • Well Optimized SEO can bring your content post to the forefront if you follow the SEO technique well.
  • If 2 different websites share the same specific thing in different ways then SEO helps in bringing forward the well-optimized site.
  • SEO helps to grow more traffic to your site

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How SEO works?

SEO is not a tool or a specific platform that you can use to increase traffic for your site. SEO is a continuous process and a bunch of tactics that you can use to achieve a high rank on Google. The Google algorithm shows which site is well optimized with SEO techniques. The Google search engine then shows this site. SEO helps to search engines to understand better what the user is looking for on the search engine, and what the most relevant result is for the visitor.

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