A Complete Guide to the UPSC, NDA and NA

Complete guide to the UPSC NDA & NA: 2020

Welcome to another article related to education. Today we are going to share with you some important notes about UPSC, NDA & CDS. This article going to cover some important points such as what is NDA, eligibility for the NDA exam what to choose between NDA and NA, what is CDS, and how to prepare for the NDA examination?

What is UPSC, NDA & NA?

NDA stands for national defense academy and NA stands for the naval academy.  NDA & NA is a government exam and both are conduct by UPSC. This exam is for selecting the cadets in Indian army forces such as the Indian army, Indian air force, and the Indian navy. This entry is basically for those who want to serve in the Indian armed force and want to be an armed force officer for services to the nation.

This government exam is an entry barrier for those who want to serve in government as an armed officer. This is an entrance exam where selected candidates are trained under the NDA institute Such as NDA Pune. NDA institute trained the cadets, to boost their physical strength.  

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What is the difference between NDA and CDS

Both exams are mostly the same and there is no major difference between NDA and CDS. And there is only a bit of difference between NDA and CDS. There is the only difference between NDA and CDS is their eligibility criteria.  Because many aspirants get confused in NDA and CDS exams. so we are sharing the difference.

National defense academy (NDA)

Firstly, you will get the designation in NDA force is given to you based on your marks. And secondly, you will get the post that you submit while filling the form. And the NDA exam is 10+2 level. This means every candidate who passed their 12th pass, is eligible to attend the NDA exam.

Combined Defense Services Examination (CDS)

The only difference is the CDS exam is a graduation level exam. This means the candidate will not be eligible until he has not passed their graduation. Another difference, CDS is only for those who want to go for OTA and IMA.

Why should you choose NDA & NA?

If you have a dream and passionate about serving in the Indian army then NDA gives you the right opportunity to become an Indian armed officer. based on the designations, you can serve the nation. And the second reason should be to choose NDA is you can get it earlier at the age of 21.

First condition: those who just completed 10Th and starting their 11th than this are the right time to start preparing for NDA and other government exams.

Second condition: if your 12th standard is running, also you can prepare for the NDA exam. And since today you should start preparing for the national defense academy.

Third condition: if you have passed your 12th standard then you are edible for the NDA exam. You can start your exam preparation by self-study or you can join any academy or institute. Institution or academy you will be guided under the retired officer so it is better.

What to choose between NDA & CDS

The answer will be different because everyone has a different priority. We are going to share some job preferences on the basis o you can choose your right path.

NDA jobs in India

  • Indian army
  • Indian air force
  • Indian navy

    CDS jobs in India
  • Brigadier
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel

Officer Ranks in Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy

  1. Indian Army
  • Field Marshal 
  • General
  • Lieutenant General 
  • Major General
  • Brigadier 
  • Colonel  
  • Lieutenant colonel 
  • Major 
  • Captain 
  • Lieutenant 

2. Indian Navy 

  • Admiral of the Fleet 
  • Admiral 
  • Vice Admiral 
  • Rear admiral 
  • commodore 
  • captain 
  • commander 
  • lieutenant commander 
  • lieutenant 
  • sub-lieutenant 

3. Indian Air Force 

  • Marshal of the Air force 
  • Air Chief Marshal 
  • Air Marshal 
  • Air Vice-Marshal 
  • Air commodore 
  • Group Captain 
  • Wing Commander
  • Squadron Leader 
  • Flight Lieutenant 
  • Flying Officer 

What preference should be in between online and offline for preparing for government exams?

Both methods are valuable in terms of their benefits. You can take the help of both resources but remember, try to study self-study as much as you can. Because no one can help you. If you don’t prepare to form your future.

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Online resource for preparing for NDA & NA

Online is the best way to study for a government exam. We are sharing some best applications and YouTube channels for preparing for government exams.

The best Mobile application to preparing for NDA & NA

  1. unAcademy
  2. Grade up
  3. Vedantu
  4. BYJUS

The best YouTube channel to preparing for NDA & NA

  1. ArpitChoudhary
  2. MathsJugad Se
  3. Examपुर
  4. Learn With Sumit
  5. The Tutors Academy

What is the Eligibility Criteria for UPSC, NDA 2020 exam

UPSC NDA Eligibility 2020: highlight

  • A tattoo should not be on your body it’s
  • prohibited you should be unmarried to be eligible for NDA
  • your age should be between 16 to 19 only
  • height should be a minimum of 155 cm
  • must be an Indian citizen

NDA Eligibility Criteria 2020- Age Limit

  • 16.5 years (minimum) – 19.5 years (maximum)

UPSC NDA Eligibility 2020- Educational Qualification

For Army Wing of NDA

12th passed by State Education Board or a University

For Air Force and Naval Wings of NDA

12th passed (with Physics and Mathematics) by State Education Board or a University

UPSC NDA & NA Exam: syllabus And strategy

I am going to share with you some important pictures related to UPSC NDA& NA exams. hope you guys like it 

Subject & Num.of question

Current Affairs/Defence/G.K. & Topics :UPSC NDA& NA

Chemistry Topics: UPSC NDA& NA

History Topics: UPSC NDA& NA

Geography Topics: UPSC NDA& NA

NDA Books(2020): by subject

NDA Maths books– RS Agarwal NDA maths / Arihant pathfinder 

NDA English Books– pathfinder / S.P.BAKSHI OBJECTIVE English


NDA G.A.  books– LUCENT G.K.


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