A Complete Guide to the UPSC & SPSC


What is “UPSC & SPSC Examination”

UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission and SPSC is stands for state public services commission.

Both are the option of going into public service, people can choose to go to the highest administrative service in the country according to their strength with Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), and similarly, SPSC works for a particular state. State Public Service Commissions(SPSC) in every state for recruitment to state services, for conducting examinations, for advising the Governor on disciplinary matters.

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What is the difference between UPSC and SPSC?

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), is an organization working under the central government, similarly, SPSC is an organization working under the state government

  • Each state has its own PSC like Rajasthan’s own RPSC and Chhattisgarh’s own CGPSC etc.
  • The state can have a combined PSC in two or more states. For example, Punjab and Haryana have a joint JPSC (Joint Public Service Commission), they were later replaced and formed there have own separate PSC.
  • (People believe) The best exam through UPSC is IAS, which the collectors taking is usually called District Magistrate (DM) and similarly, the exam through( taking an example of Rajasthan, Rajasthan have RPSC to conduct their examination as usual other state have) RPSC is RAS. Whom all prefer to take sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) or Additional District Magistrate (ADM)
  • UPSC or SPSC is called the organization that conducts this examination. Passing them allows people to go to the different types of services they are pursuing.

Why choose UPSC or SPSC

Those who aspire to get a high position in the administrative service or to increase their honor and prestige. every year, millions of students choose government exams, but in these examinations, only those students are selected who want to go towards them with service spirit. Always remember the aim not should be earning money only by this post.  We can do many works of social welfare by staying on the post obtained by us and you get respect and honor separately.

What to choose between UPSC or SPSC

Students should make any selection according to their willpower, their interest, and their financial status.

  • It has been commonly observed that the rural environment and those who want to get a job quickly usually do not decide to go for UPSC. Also, another reason for most of the students not choosing UPSC is that some of them do not have good financial status.
  • If you want to work as an ambassador in India or other countries, you should select Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) .and if you want to serve in your state, then you have to choose the state public services commission(SPSC). This will make you proud and represent your state or religion.

Where do I start to prepare for UPSC & SPSC?

First of all, we want to tell you that no one can pass any exam just by talking.

  • You can start after finishing your school classes or college, no class or age is required to prepare, but there is a certain age provision for the job, for which we further explain.
  •  Some coaching where You can start by yourself which will be according to your financial situation. You can get a lot of content online from many platforms. If you look back, preparing for government examination was not easy, but in today’s technology world, everything becomes easy. You can start online preparation; there are many free and reimbursement forums available to study online.

Best way to study in between online and offline

In the opinion of all of us, the answer may be different, some people consider online to be better than offline. And also some people prefer to read offline which is better than reading online. Both have their separate benefits. Some people believe that online study can distract our minds. And also some people believe that offline study is more valuable than short. We have to use our medium according to our financial condition and interest.

Advantage of online and offline study

The major benefits of online study are that we can learn anytime, anywhere and we can choose our appropriate time to study. Another advantage of online study is, you will get a wide range of teachers and you can get deep knowledge. The best professor, through them you will get proper knowledge of education. And you do not have to pay any fee for studying online.

There are many platforms on the internet today; they are free of cost to use. The offline study has its distinct benefits, some students prefer offline study, the offline study will help you to be consistent and build concentration. You will not get to be inattentive.

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Disadvantages of online and offline study-

There are many disadvantages to studying online and offline.  The major one is, we have to travel to attend classes and the classes should be attending on time. If you are a part-time worker or have a family job, you cannot study offline. There are some institutes and classes that demand high fees from the student for studying. Online study is more profitable for those who manage time to study who have their own inner voice. Who wants to study by their choice, not by their family pressure.

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