How to Write a Winning Resume & Amazing Cover Letter

How to Write a Good Resume & an Amazing Cover Letter

Why resume is so important?

The first impression is the last, your resume is an impression of you. A resume letter is a written compilation of your education, work, credentials, and achievement used to apply for a job.

A resume is one of the most important pieces of any job application. Your resume has the power to pull out of an interview for your dream job. Organizations use resumes to list potential candidates. Your resume showcases virtual you. It can show your passion and the career you pursue. So make a resume after doing some research on it, A good resume that may help to get your dream job.

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Types of the resume:

  1. Chronological resume
  2. Functional resume
  3. Combination resume

Chronological resume

  • The most common format used
  • Starts with the most recent employment/ education
  • most preferable by an employee
  • For people who have had a few breaks in their career and have continued in the same sector
  • Also works well for people whose responsibility has increased in the same organization

Functional resume

  • Useful for people with fewer years of experience who want to make a career change
  • Does not focus on job title and previous employment details
  • Focuses on knowledge skill and abilities
  • Can be used by people who have had breaks in their career
  • Works well for people who have worked in multiple job profiles not related to each other.

Combination resume

  • Combination of the chronological and the function resume
  • List the date of previous employment
  • List knowledge and specific skill
  • Most useful for people who have learned their skills form unrelated scoters and would like to emphasize it
  • Highlight relevant skills while providing chronological work history

Do’s & Don’t during the Resume writing


  • Customize your resume to the sector you are applying to
  • The first page should catch the attention of the interviewer
  • Use bullets instead of paragraphs
  • Maintain standard space between section
  • Use keyword that can be read by all machines
  • Use formal, readable fonts ( Calibri, Arial )
  • Be Eustatius while mentoring your hobby
  • Use the size of words  12-14


  • Don’t exceed 2 pages
  • Don‘t exceed 3 to 5 bullets per section
  • Spelling and also grammar mistakes don’t male.
  • Don’t use jargon slang acronyms especially acronyms that are propriety
  • Don’t include your photograph unless specified by the company
  • Paste a disclaimer until advised by the company this is not.
  • Don’t copy the objective summary from the internet. let it be your own
  • Don’t lie about your achievement

Resume Format

Here I am going to share the basic structure of a resume. The resume format should be as shown in the figure. A resume should be as simple as much as you can. Do not attach unnecessary things to your resume.

Format contains list

1. Name and contact details

2. Objective

3. Experience 1 and Experience 2

4. Education

5. Reference

Attach cover letter with resume

A cover letter is a must-have, be it in the form of an email or company attached to a resume. The cover letter must be attached to the resume to get the job. An attached cover letter gives you a priority to get the job first. It tells the employer about the position you are interested in and helps you make an initial assessment to fit the job profile. The cover letter provides another opportunity for the employer to inform how he can contribute to the company and fulfill his obligation for a particular job position. This is the first thing an employer sees, so you have to make a good impression at first sight.

Importance of a cover letter

  • A cover letter is before your resume is read. so it gives an initial impression of you
  • Each cover letter should be tailor-made to the job you are seeking
  • The cover letter tells the employer the job role that you are interested in
  • It tells the employer how qualified you are for the role
  • A cover letter expresses points that your resume might not cover
  • Many employers believe that an impressive cover letter can be better than a well-structured resume.

Cover letter format  

How to Make a Resume & cover letter with Microsoft word

Tips: For making a cover letter

  • Identify your skills relevant to the job profile
  • Keep it short
  • Check the formatting of the letter
  • Highlight your major skills
  • Always include the job title
  • Make sure are the content is original and should ooze your enthusiasm for the job
  • Proofread and spell-check all the lines you have typed out.

How to Make a Resume & cover letter with Microsoft word

If you don’t know an easy way to create your impressive resume. then don’t have to worry about it u are in the right place. here I am going to share the simplest way to make your resume. Microsoft made that work easy. I hope u all are already failure with Microsoft word.

Open Microsoft word > go to file Tab > go to new > click on > click  resume or CV  > choose template. 


How to Make a Resume & cover letter with Microsoft word


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