What is Marketing: Definition, Types & Strategy

What is Marketing : Definition, Types & Strategy

What is Marketing

Making is a connection, is to communicate with the people, is about how you tell your story to attract the people, and ultimately is a matter of developing an engaging relationship with each person out there who shows an interest within us.

The example of “What is marketing” in daily life is- I personally believe that every person is doing marketing in their own life when children want something from the parent they are doing the marketing of their emotions, when the boy tries to impress a girl he is doing marketing of his own personality which fascinates the other one when a candidate goes out for the interview the do marketing of their best talent which company wants to acquire also the shopkeeper does not sell the product when he sells he sells the need of consumer so in a very simple meaning Marketing is understanding your buyers, their needs, and more than to communicate be a good listener and offer what actually consumer crave for it.

This is the art and science of persuasive communication. Marketing is about knowing the market, creating the right product, creating a desire for that product, and letting the right people know you have it. The old adage that says, “If you build a better mousetrap people will beat a path to your door” doesn’t hold without marketing, if people don’t know you have it, and they don’t know where your door is, so You might indeed have a better mousetrap.

Types Of Marketing

There are numerous ways to do marketing from that the most effective epitomes are here. Types of Marketing-

Inbound & Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing:-

⦁ Its Pull Marketing – Pull the customer toward the strategy. E.g. Blog posts, Social media, email, newsletters, infographics.
⦁ It’s for the customer‘s need.

Outbound marketing:-

⦁ It’s Push Marketing. Basically, it’s pushing the customer towards the products. E.g tv, Radio, Telemarketing, banners, hoardings, magazines ads, cold calling
⦁ It’s for the product’s need.

Online Marketing:-

Online Marketing -Strategy and tactics that reach out to the public very easily. E.g Television marketing, Mobile marketing, Internet marketing, etc…

Content Marketing:-

Content marketing– Very interesting gimmicks that help us to reach out to that content which we have shared and create our online marketing. And one of the effective types of marketing includes content marketing. Eg blogs, videos, social media posts, apps, movies, etc…

Search Engine Optimization:-

The process of crawling and optimizing content along with the increasing number of visibility on searched results. SEO marketing gives a unique value to your marketing.

Email Marketing:-

The most trusted communication channel that you can build up with your customer. It is the most cheaper & faster way to transmit your thoughts. 

Relationship Marketing:-

The process of fostering the customer‘s loyalty by providing exemplary products and services where can buyers and sellers can exchange. It has the most effective benefits that high consumer lifetime value.

Brand Marketing:-

An essential way to promote your products and your product’s stories by emphasizing the whole brand. It is most effective for developing repeat business. It is the most effective way for developing repeat business

What is the Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Marketing Sales
Marketing is one too many  Sales are one to one marketing
Is trying to the company produce what consumer wants Is to try to get the customer to want what the company produces
Marketing is the process Sales are the result of marketing
Marketing analyses the big data and it is much wider and more dynamics than sales Sales deal with the ambiguities and the details of each person and it’s a very narrow concept to marketing
Sales refer to directly approaching your target customers, and face-to-face with a customer, convincing a person to buy your productMarketing is telling about your product and services by using different mediums.
It revolves around the needs and interest of the buyer and the interest of the seller
and it is outside in perspective marketing.
Sales revolve around the needs And inside perspective marketing
Marketing includes the 4P’s marketing. product
Price, place, and promotion
The sales process includes team structure, target market, goals
Marketing creates pull and it pulls consumer Sales are Push it is the part of the marketing process

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