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WhatsApp New Updates Privacy Policy: What it is?

WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy-

Now I just want to quickly update you, because all of us use WhatsApp daily for all kinds of communication and for sharing info& Docs.  There is a new change in its privacy policy that you should be aware of and the terms of service. and what is included in the new Whatsapp Update privacy policy? This Update gets into action from 8th February. 

WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy, Asks Users To Accept Terms Of Service

The key updates include

#1 How the firm processes user data

#2 How businesses can use Facebook hosted services to manage WhatsApp chats 

#3 How WhatsApp partners with Facebook to offer integrations across company products

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what do these privacy policy updates mean for WhatsApp users- These new policies basically list down how WhatsApp collects user data, further adds, how WhatsApp collects data and what it does with it?

What is New WhatsApp Update-

One of them, which is that if you want to continue using WhatsApp’s added services, for example, a lot of users use WhatsApp’s location sharing and they often share the location with their friends and families. If you want to continue using these services you will have to provide certain access to WhatsApp without that you won’t be able to use these services. 

 If you refuse to provide access to your location data you won’t be able to share your location with your friends and families more.

WhatsApp says  it will be collecting and sharing certain data that is of some use to the Facebook company, this could either be your registration information, could be your transaction data and,  it could be your device or hardware-related data. 

It says-  It can also collect and share with its Facebook companies interestingly. Either it can share information with  Facebook, Instagram, or the other platforms that Facebook has or can acquire in the future.

WhatsApp is also saying– that it will track how you use the platform which means that how much time you spent on WhatsApp and how frequently you use the platform or how the way you interact with your users.

Now, if you want to delete Your WhatsApp Account- WhatsApp will not be removing your data immediately, but It is storing it for a few days before taking it off.

What Personal data does WhatsApp Collect-

Phone ModelTime Zone of your placeGroup DetailsWhatsaap Uses
Ip Address of your placeOS of SmartphonesBattery Status of your smartphonesPayment& Transection
Profile PictureAbout InformationStatus UpdatedSignal Strengths of your phone

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