What is Duplicate Content in Google’s Context [2021]

What is Duplicate Content

Google recently published a video “Duplicate content (and what to do with it) | Sustainable Monetized Websites” on Youtube. in this video he is talking about the duplicity of the content, how does it affect your Monetized website, how to avoid duplicate content to your site and what to do to maintain your website ranking. But admiring this we have to ensure what content is Duplicate in the Google terms. let’s understand –

Aurora (Policy Education for Publishers at Google) says – ” Would you regularly visit a site with no original content? Or would you prefer to go to the sources directly? Your content or unique and valuable functionality, which we’ll treat like content, should be the focal points for users who visit your page.

” If you have ads serving on pages with no value, the ads may be limited or disabled until you make significant improvements.” As stated in the Google AdSense Publisher Policies, Google Ads may not be placed on sites with scraped or copyrighted content.

What Content is Duplicate In Google Context- 

Some examples include sites that copy and republish content from other sites without adding any original content or value; sites that copy content from other sites, modify it slightly– for example, by manually rewriting it, substituting synonyms, or using automated techniques– and republish it; That content called Duplicate Content. 

How to Avoid Duplicate Content to get noticed by Google-

You must contribute your own original content Check that the content on your site is unique and that it’s not copied from other sites. Ensure the content you are having on your site should be valuable for the visitors. You can add valuable sources and images to your content.

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Ensure that the same content is not duplicated on the same page or across multiple pages of your site. Or If you have many pages that are similar or have very similar content, consider expanding each page or consolidating the pages into one.

How Duplicate Content Affect your site Ranking?

Canonicalization– it may result in Google not being sure which of your pages to show for some searches. If your site contains multiple copies of the same page. This is called “canonicalization.” to avoid this you can consider expanding each page or consolidating the pages into one.

What is canonicalization – If your site contains multiple pages with largely identical content, there are several ways you can indicate your preferred URL to Google

Harder to Crawl and Index pages – Using duplicated content on your website can make it harder to crawl and index pages from your site and, can make it harder for Search to show the best fitting page.

Duplicate content across domains could negatively affect your performance on organic search and your monetization strategy. Or your site can be subject to removal from search engine results.

How to prevent your Content from being Copied?

If you believe that another site is duplicating your content, you can contact the site’s host to request removal. Depending on the situation, you may be able to ask Google to remove the infringing page from search results by filing a request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, DMCA.

What does the Digital Millennium Copyright Act do?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. the anti-piracy statute effectively making it illegal to circumvent copy protection designed to prevent pirates from duplicating digital copyrighted works and selling or freely distributing them (1).

Make sure, your site adds value for the visitor. It’s important that you create original content, and that you avoid scraping content from other sites.

How does Google handle Duplicate Content? And How it Affects SEO Ranking –

Google was asked a question “How does Google handle duplicate content and what negative effects can have on rankings from an SEO perspective”


Google Replied – If you look at content on the web, such as 25 or 30 percent of all content on the web is duplicate content, there are man pages for links, all of those types of things contain duplicate content.

Duplicate content, for the most part, is not actually considered spam. It is just treated as something we need to cluster properly. We need to make sure that it ranks correctly. But duplicate content happens. Duplicate content may be slightly more likely to be viewed as spam.

How does Duplicate Content Affect your site Ranking?

In my opinion, Google clusters the search term and finds the source of news or content, and ranks it on the top of Google’s list.  If your site contains duplicate content that is similar to the original content, Google will reduce your site’s ranking and, rank it at the bottom of the list. Similarly, Google reduced the impression of your pages that have scrap content or duplicate content. and this is indirect Affects your SEO ranking

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