Top #6 Google AdSense Alternatives

Hey, as we have talked about before in the brief article related to “Complete guide to making money from Google AdSense” and how to make money from AdSense, and how you can get instant AdSense approval from Google. what if, you didn’t get AdSense approval for your site, or if you want to generate high revenue from your blog thus you need another advertising program to make money out of your blog. Right? in this article, I am going to share with you some of the best Google AdSense alternatives-

once you have done the SEO on your website and completed all SEO tactics such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, online marketing, and your site lifted with high-quality content and also performing well on the search engine. And if your website getting good organic and social traffic then the next Goal of every Blogger will be to monetize their website from the best Advertising program.

And when it comes to making money out of your blog, Google AdSense is always on top of the list. Google AdSense is one of the best Ad network programs to monetize websites or blogs. Google AdSense is lightweight, reliable, Good user interaction, and offers publishers a fair share of revenue generated from clicks available for bloggers to make money online.

To generate more revenue, to earn more from your blog Publisher use more than one ad network. And in case, if Google didn’t approve your website or your AdSense gets suspended by Google either you have the option to make money out of your content. And you’ll need an ad network with more lax approval requirements to get started earning from your Blogs.

The alternatives of AdSense can be better than Google AdSense (not necessarily), a lot depends on the niche of your website/blog and the traffic volume of the site. Some of them, such as, propeller advertising, Amazon Associates Program can give you better earnings and results.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an ad network program which runs by Google. Google AdSense is a free, and simple way to make money online by displaying an ad on your website.

Using Google AdSense, the publisher makes money through its online content. AdSense showcase Relevant & engaging ads to your site visitors. the ads can be in the form of text, images, video, etc. 

in this article, I am going to share with you some of the best Google AdSense alternatives-

Here are Top #6  alternative of Google AdSense

#1. Media net is the top competitor of Google AdSense. It offers Contextual Ads, Display Ads, Native Ads just like Google AdSense.

It also servers its ads on Yahoo and Being, and it can be very beneficial to reach a wide range of visitors. The best advantage of is it gives, high income per thousand impression rate (RPM).

#2. Propeller Ads-

Propeller AdsPropeller advertising is one of the fastest-growing advertising networks. And the best part of this ad network is it has push notifications for your user, and by using it, you will earn even when a user is not visiting your website.

Top-performing ad formats by propeller ads-

  1. PUSH Notifications
  5. Smart Link

Propeller advertising is fully compatible with Google Adsense. Therefore, start monetizing with the most effective ad formats, the best payment conditions, and many specific features.

How to Register for propeller ads-

Start earning in 3 easy steps-

1Register Free Publisher Account

2 Place an advertisement on your website

3 start earning real money

#3. Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associates Program is basically Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. And obviously, when we talk about Google as the biggest competitor, everyone would suggest the Amazon network. It is the largest affiliate marketing program in the world. With simple principles, simply, mentioned the product link below your article.

Suppose you are writing a book or review related to books, then you can refer to the link to the suggested books below your article. And if the user is interested and if they buy the product from Amazon then your commission will be added to your account. you can earn up to 10% in affiliate fees from qualifying purchases and programs.

How does it work?

Sign up or become Amazon Associates

Recommended Products

and simply, Earn a commission from amazon

#4. Adversal

 Drive Traffic and Increase Your Presence with Native Advertising By Adversal. Adversal, Ad Network program gives you publisher an option to set up native advertisements on their site and generate more revenue from their Blog. 

Publisher Requirements By Adversal

To monetize your website your website must meet the eligibility requirement such as,

Have your owns domain

Have at least 50,000 page views ( per month)

Not be associated with malware, piracy, or anything illegal content

Not contain adult content or any form of material that promote nudity

#5. Taboola

Taboola is the most popular ads serving platform. Use Taboola native advertising to promote product listing. It provides good value on clicks, and this is the reason most publishers use it. Make sure to get started your journey with Taboola, your website needs 50,0000-page views per month. Taboola helps you build new audiences from its vast network

#6. PopAds

PopAds is used by many publishers to generate more revenue from their site. It is simply the best paying advertising network specialized in popunders on the Internet and the highest paying ad network as they mentioned on their site. to join the Pop Ads program you only need 1,000 unique visitors to sign up and you will get an instant 4$ dollar for reaching the threshold amount.  you can withdraw, amount anytime you want. PopAds offer the highest rates and their Average revenue for 1000 US unique visitors on a website, was never below USD 4.00!

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