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    What is Content Marketing? Importance & Types

    Content marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get targeted visitors hitting your website regularly. Content marketing is a strategy to engage your user with your product& services and the marketing, used to convert your visitors into customers.  What is Content Marketing? Here is a definition which clearly defined what is […] More

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    8 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors?

    Here Some Most Important SEO Ranking Factors? A set of different factors ideally contribute to determining the ranking of the different SEO pages. The same are highlighted as follows: Factor #1.  The speed with which a web page can be essentially downloaded helps achieve a higher ranking on the same platform. make sure your website […] More

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    Medium: Get Instant Do-Follow Backlinks for your Website

    Evan Clark Williams is best known and one of the Twitter co-founders alongside biz stone but he’s also the person behind the popular online publishing platform founded in 2012 Williams announced that medium was a new place on the internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not […] More

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    How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn For Free

    The first thing that strikes us when we hear or read – promote your business on LinkedIn, is why do we need to promote the same on LinkedIn? We need to do so because LinkedIn is one of the platforms that rank high when the talk is about professional social networking sites. LinkedIn has 756 […] More

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    Ultimate Guide to Grow your Business with Email Marketing

    I know many of you may be thinking, now email marketing is dead because it’s the old-fashioned thing, that is kind of correct, also because email marketing is the oldest way of promotion. But now we have new ways of promoting our content. Which includes paid ads on different platforms. Paid ads work really well […] More

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    Top 10 Most Popular WordPress Theme for Free

    Top 10 Most Popular WordPress Theme for free Every business needs a website before entering Into online marketplace. A website is the most important tool for taking your business online. And to make your business presentation more effective on the Internet, you need a highly responsive, SEO-friendly, and most importantly user-friendly website. A website is […] More

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    How to Do SEO for Google Images: 12 Points By John Mueller

    Today, Google has published a video on ” How to Do SEO for Google Images” on Youtube. John Muller (A search advocate at Google). in this video, he had mentioned 12 key points that every Blogger should consider While Optimizing Image for Google SEO. I am sharing 12 key points to understand how to do […] More

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    Get High Quality Traffic to Your Website Ultimate Guide 

    I am going to tell you some best strategies to get high-quality traffic to your website. let’s start- Why High-Quality Traffic is Important for your website?  Why do we want to bring users to your website- Web traffic refers to everyone who logs on to your websites. These are recorded as visits or sessions. This […] More

  • What is Marketing : Definition, Types & Strategy

    What is Marketing: Definition, Types & Strategy

    What is Marketing Making is a connection, is to communicate with the people, is about how you tell your story to attract the people, and ultimately is a matter of developing an engaging relationship with each person out there who shows an interest within us. The example of “What is marketing” in daily life is- […] More

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    What is Duplicate Content in Google’s Context [2021]

    What is Duplicate Content Google recently published a video “Duplicate content (and what to do with it) | Sustainable Monetized Websites” on Youtube. in this video he is talking about the duplicity of the content, how does it affect your Monetized website, how to avoid duplicate content to your site and what to do to […] More

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    How to Optimize Website for Google News & Drive Traffic

    Google News is a newsgroup developed by Google. And it has millions of users who read daily news updates on Google News. Optimizing your website for Google News can bring more traffic to your website. Here is a beautiful guide on “How to optimize website for Google News and increase traffic to your website”. Google […] More

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    How to Improve Your Website Ranking

    Did you know that the two most important factors contributing to Improve Your Website ranking by google are high-quality content and a great deal of link building? As per, hardly 0.78% of Google searchers open the link from the second page of their browsing results. Think with Google says that 39% of purchases get […] More