Tooter- A Complete “Swadeshi Social Network App”

“Tooter” is a complete Swadeshi App that has been launched by Swadeshi Andolan 2.0. Tooter is A Swadeshi “Made in India” social media network application.

Tooter -A Swadeshi social network. Welcome to Swadeshi Andolan 2.0.

Tooter is inspired by Twitter, an American social media networking service. Tooter is the social networking app where the human can interact by the message and the “Tweet” as called before its launch. Tooter has the same functionality and concept that Twitter has.
CEO of Tooter

Tooter is invented by Nanda ( CEO of Tooter). The tooter is derived from the Mastodon project which is a free and open-source self-hosted social network service. “Tooter” has the same colour concept as Twitter. The tooter is well designed and is a complete “Made in India” application launched to respond to the US-based application Twitter. On the official website of Tooter, it has a conch logo on it. Tooter is a  Swadeshi App-

How to Register Yourself on Tooter

Step#1.  Simply click on their official website
Step#2.  Fill in the detail such as “user name”, “Gmail id”, and choose a password for your account.
Step#3.  The “Tooter” will send you a confirmation mail to your Gmail account. simply go to your Gmail and confirm the mail id. ( if you didn’t find the mail then also check the spam folder )
Step#4.  and by verifying the mail you will be redirected to the Tooter home page.


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