How To Sell Products On Alibaba

​The opportunities that everyone cannot see are real opportunities if someone really proved this point in the original context that none other than but the same person that had been rejected from KFC Company in once upon a time and in today’s date first wealthiest person in the china and worlds 17th wealthiest person by Forbes 2020 “The jack ma”.  He is the co-founder and format executive chairman of Alibaba Group. 

What Is Alibaba.?

Alibaba is the world’s number one evolutionary digital technology platform and the highest-grossing e-commerce portal. Alibaba has now become a 1.1 trillion-dollar company. The pioneer of e-commerce taught us how to do business online. The philanthropist who taught people that business is a cobweb of human relationship especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

More than 190 countries are doing import and export through the Alibaba platform. Alibaba Group launched an IPO in 2014 and it is the largest IPO in world history. On Alibaba’s E-commerce platform more than 10 million users are buying and selling their products globally.

Somehow manage to reach its integrated management software to the number one place in the world. We can simply create our company account by enumerating our company details and annexing the details of our products on it. As we know the perception is a key to success so with that motive, integrity, and dedication we can maneuver the message center of the Alibaba portal to transmit and communicate with other agents and maintain healthy long-term business relationships with them.

“Sell Products On Alibaba” can be very beneficial for small businesses that want to sell their product globally. and it has an abundance of educational and pedagogical material that can help the entrepreneur make the most of the tools and functionalities that they provide. The users are bound to find information that can aid in increasing profits.

If buyers are interested in expanding your market or taking advantage of international sales opportunities, Alibaba allowing your company to intend the same.

Advantage of Alibaba Platform

There are more than 1500 B2B marketplaces worldwide ( Alibaba, Global Source, TradeIndia, Thomason Net, IndiaMart, Amazon, eBay, etc.) and As the Kohinoor is unmatched by any other diamond likewise Alibaba also does not have a comparison however still would like to draw the kind attention toward some highlighted point –

  • The product-oriented portal
  • In the best way, you can do cost-effective branding
  • It has a worldwide target region
  • In 16 language people can utilize this portal
  • Buyer or seller can use the most convenient payment method as per their convenience
  • It focuses on customer needs at all times
  • It provides essentially the same product tailored to different markets.
  • 884 million traffic happens on the Alibaba portal so the entrepreneur can grab that advantage
  • Most important Alibaba wants to help small businesses grow by solving their problems through Internet technology. We fight for the little guy
  • It has ten associated companies, according to the corporate summary available- Alibaba International, Alibaba China, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, AliExpress, Alimama, Aliyun, Alipay, China Smart Logistics. Let’s start the guide to sell products on Alibaba – 

How to Sell Products on Alibaba

For becoming a seller on Just follow the process

Register Your Account

01. Go to

02. Register your company

  • Company Name
  • Country Location
  • Type Of Business
  • Buyer or Supplier specific one

List Your Products

After completing the registration process. Now you’ll have to list your all products on Alibaba. You can upload products manually or bulk upload. For better visibility on your products use the best keywords related to your products. Add a description of all products & use high-quality images. Add more than 10+ products to your catalog for getting visibility on products.

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Follow-up on Inquiry

Once you complete the product listing, you will start receiving inquiries from the buyer. Now you can build relationships with your customers by taking consistently follow-up. Regular follow-up will give more potential to your business. And It will make your profile more responsive.

Consider for Gold Membership

If you really want to expand your business then you should have to take Alibaba’s gold membership.

You will get the following features in Gold Membership:-

  • Monthly RFQ Leads (Request For Quotation)
  • Unlimited Products Listing Option
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Images
  • All Inquiries in E-mail Inbox

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