What Is AutoCad? Introduction To the AutoCAD

Introduction To the AutoCAD (Computer-aided Design) 

AutoCAD (computer-aided design) is a software that is developed and marketed by AutoDesk company

And it’s introduced by John Walker in 1982. computer-aided design (Autocad) is one of the best software products making simple and linear the construction and the design of standard. And customized architectural projects in 2d and 3d design. it’s also available in different versions, from electrical to mechanical engineering.

The auto desk company publishes more software related to building design work and highway work. Mostly AutoCAD is used by architects, project managers, engineers, city planners, urban industry, and other professionals. It’s a Most useful application for engineers. AutoCAD is Utilize for 3d and 2d designing and drafting. It’s is developed by Autodesk. Auto cad made it easier for engineers because, before this software, engineers had to design any project using drafters and papers. Which is time-consuming and if there is any improvement in design then they have to remodel the project. computer-aided design is most used by civil engineers. 

AutoCAD empowers you to explore your conceptual design ideas and also transform them into the right framework. It allows its design to be transformed into 3D. It’s an easy-to-use tool and it’s mostly used by Civil engineers. 

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Here are some Sample project which is done by auto cad


 What Is AutoCad? Introduction To the AutoCAD


What Is AutoCad? Introduction To the AutoCAD

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