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Apple iPhone 13: Apple is Removing the Charging Port?

As we talked about in the previous article on the iPhone 12 and many of the rumors were right. Now, the Rumours is taking place in the google search queries is that Apple has removed the charging port from the Apple iPhone 13? In this article, I am going to share with you,  why apple is removing the Charging port from the upcoming iPhone 13 Series. And what is apple going to replace instead of the Charging port? 

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Let’s talk about it apple getting rid of the port in the next iPhone. (As he did in the iPhone 12 series with the charger doc)

Apple has moved towards this portless future. and we’ve noticed that with everything they’ve removed from the iPhone they always do two things one they try to solve the problem and they probably charge you for it.
and second, they will always try to justify on stage why they got rid of that thing. so apple always runs on the two theories that are, “solve and justify”.
Apple had this vision of getting rid of this button so they needed to solve and justify so they did in.

Why apple Removed the Charging port from iPhone 13

What’s going to be their solution and justify what’s going to be their solution to getting rid of the lightning port and what’s going to be their reason that they tell us for getting rid of the lightning port.

iPhone 13 under-display fingerprint sensor-

Mark Gurman is probably the most reliable apple journalist. said –

As far as I know is, that they’re going to add an in-screen fingerprint whether that’s the iPhones 13 or the iPhone 14. probably you know I’m not exactly sure but I assume that’s going to take up a little bit more space inside the phone to have that sensor underneath the display right. so that app;e will have more space underneath the display and they might be going to place an under-display fingerprint sensor.


I think the solve part is much harder here it’s why it seems to us logically like removing the charging port is ridiculous like it’s the most important and necessary part of every Smartphone.
But on the other hand, they’re the same company that said they’re moving away for environmental reasons this year but it requires you to go ahead and buy a new MagSafe Charger worth ₹4,500.

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