Apple keynote Highlights from the WWDC

Apple Keynote highlights 2019

Apple keynote Highlights from the WWDC 

Apple recently has launched many gadgets in Apple WWDC (September 2019) event. here are some keynote highlights and product launched by apple – 

Apple Arcade: 

Apple arcade is the world’s first gaming subscription service for mobile, desktop, and also for TV. Apple Arcade is a new gaming tab that is now available in the apple app store. Arcade a monthly subscription service where Millions of games available and this is the main apple highlight. Apple keynote Highlights from the WWDC (September 2019) –

We can download them from the Apple app store and also we can play them on Mobile, Desktop, and TV. There are millions of new amazing games available in Apple Arcade.

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Apple TV+

Apple recently launched a new incredible Apple TV +. Where launched a new exclusive original TV series, which is ad-free. it will be launch on 1st November. Apply TV+ has storyteller shows which is one of the best TV series. Apple TV +  available with 4k HDR with support for Dolby vision.  It will cost 99rs, with 7 days free trial. Subscription can be accessed by 6 people.​​

Apple Ipad

Apple Ipad is a popular device that we can carry on everywhere. Ipad changed all mobile and also desktop technology completely. Now apple launched the 7th generation iPad. Now Ipad comes with its new feature like with bigger display and also retina which can perform 2x faster than any laptop screen. Now Ipad available with its new OS version where now people can use iPad with its multi-tasking option and also one hand keyboard which never before done. The Apple iPad has upgraded its pencil with new features.

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Apple Watch: 

Apple watches have an amazing smart technology where we can track our health, get quick notifications, quick calls, and also even morning alarms. Apple Watch has so many features that help us In our daily life with its smart technology which is never done before in the watch industry. Apple has launched its new generation Apple Watch Series 5, With its new features like a new display with new hardware and also software technology where now apple watches have 18-hour battery timing. Apple Watch launched a new compass feature that can show our longitude and also latitude. Now apple watch available in new colors and also new designs.

Apple iPhone 11: 

Recently Apple has launched a new iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 has a new aluminum glass design, this glass design is the toughest glass design Apple has ever made. The new iPhone 11 has six new colors. now iPhone 11 has a new great display with the super retina and also atom Dolby sound. iPhone 11 has two camera systems. iPhone 11 has mostly focused on its Camera features.

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iPhone 11 is launched now with a dual camera. The camera has a wide and also ultra-wide feature where videos and images can be taken at 120 degrees. And also other features like portrait mode and night mode also taking glorious images. iPhone has upgraded its smartphone chip with the latest chip A13 Bionic chip, which is the fastest chip in the smartphone industry. This chip has been launched by the iPhone for the first time in the history of the smartphone which is the fastest CPU & GPU in a Smartphone.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Recently Apple launched iPhone 11 pro with iPhone 11. iPhone 11 Is the most advanced technology smartphone. Here are some features below mentioned:-        

  • Made with stainless steel with PVD coding back
  • Super retina XDR display        
  • launched with three cameras telephoto Camara, wide camera and also an ultra-wide camera        
  • 4k video resolution        
  • Faster charging        
  • A13 Bionic Chip        
  • Night Mode Camera

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