Most Amazing And Useful mobile App for Students


#1. CamScanner: mobile app

Cam scanner is the most Rated app on the Play store and also in the App Store.  It has a 4.6 rating in the play store with 100m Plus downloading and a 4.7 Rating in the App Store. this is an amazing app.

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 In a cam scanner, we can scan any kind of Document – including receipts, notes, certificates, and also business cards- using our phone, and also we can save it in pdf form. It has some kind of unique feature like automatically crops align and also enhance our document after scanning to fix tilted with lighting issues we can use it to use optical character recognition to scan important elements from our documents and also save them in digital format. Smart cropping and auto enhancing make the text and graphics look clear and sharp. We can easily share scan copies with our friends, family, and also others via social media, email attachments, or sending the doc link. We do not need any heavy scanner for scanning documents. This is probably the best app in its category. It has some more following features:-   

  • Send Scanned Docs anywhere          
  • Auto- enhance image quality          
  • OCR, Convert image to text                   
  • Auto edge cropping

guys, we have bad news for you. this application is banned by the Indian government ( update 2020). this is a Chinese application and the government was banned after the border dispute with China. The Indian government banned 52 Chinese applications from India

#2. Google Translate: 

Google translate is the most Rated app on the play store and also in the App Store. It has a 4.5 rating in the play store with 500m plus downloading and also a 4.4 Rating in an App store. Google Translate has some unique features like an offline translation; it pronounces translated text and also translation over 100 languages. It can translate into multiple forms of text and media real-time video, speech, image, and also sites. It can be used on both desktop and also mobile. It made life easy 200m people use daily Google translator. Google Translator is the Most Amazing And Useful mobile App for Students

Google Translate App

 ​3. Truecaller

Truecaller is the most rated app on the Google play store. It has a 4.5 rating in the play store. Truecaller installed in more than 500M mobile phones. Where Truecaller has more than 150M daily active users. Truecaller has some unique features like caller ID, SMS & call blocking. Send money, recharge, and also pay bills with UPI. It helps us to identify spam and unknown also it displays red for spam also helps to identify missed calls and also its information during a busy schedule when we cannot reach the call. It’s a very good app with various kinds of features.​ is the Most Amazing And Useful mobile App for Students.

4. Google Assistant

Google assistant is the most rated and also very useful application on the play store. It has 4.0 * ratings on the play store. Apple has his own voice assistant knowing as “SIRI”. Both voice assistants do the same work. As we all know Google assistant is faster than other voice assistants. Google assistant is an amazing app for our daily routine life. We can use it on our phone, Speaker, Watch, or in our car. It can make quick calls, send messages, emails set reminders, play music, fix daily meetings, and also much more through the voice. And also you can ask anything.

Google Assistant app

 5. Google Maps

Google maps are the most popular and also downloaded app on the play store and app store. It has a 4.3* Rating and also 5 billion-plus downloads on the play store. It helps us to navigate our location, shop, and also area location. It shows which place you are and also which type of shops, malls, temples, schools, colleges, and hospitals nearby at your locations. It helps to find some unknown places and also areas. It’s the Most Amazing And Useful mobile App for Students. ​It has some more following features:-          

  • Share your current location          
  • Explore the map          
  • Customize the map          
  • Check the distance of one place to another place          
  • Choose transportation          
  • Different view options          
  • Own timeline record



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