Top #5 ways to Make Money Online from Amazon

Amazon Web Services offers cloud-based products. These services help organizations move faster. Amazon ( is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider. and this is a great opportunity to make money from amazon. in this article, I am going to share some Best ways to make money from Amazon.

#1 Make Money Online from FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon)

FBA is  Basically, you decide what you want to sell then the Amazon package and ship it to your customers. They ship the products to your customers. You store the products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, these centers are Built-up everywhere.

And whenever a customer makes an order through Amazon online shopping apps. Amazon packages and products from the fulfillment center will be  Deliver to the customers. Amazon prime member is Eligible to get an order in two days with free shipping.

#2 Join Amazon Associate or Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Here is another way to make money online through Amazon is by joining the Amazon affiliate marketing program.  that most of you are probably familiar and that is Amazon Associates – Amazon’s affiliate marketing program.

The Amazon Affiliate program is most unlike google AdSense the only difference is the amazon affiliate marketing will shop the relevant product ads to your site. Although the concept of making money is the same by placing ads on your site and you will get paid by the program. ( per impression and per click).

How Amazon Associates – Amazon’s affiliate marketing program works?

The concept is similar, You link the Amazon products in your blog posts or your web pages, and when someone buys by clicking on the product (which appears on your Site/ Blog).  You will get a reward by adding some commissions for the product into your account.

How Amazon discovers that someone has purchased the product using your links. They have Unique tracking IDs for each member of the program. So it’s completely automatic. This is not like someone sitting in cellar monitors who notices all the sales separately, it’s all automated because we know that Amazon is very trustworthy.

It’s just a brand where people trust and they tend to shop more in the way you suggest that will help your sales. Amazon pays you even when people sign up for their free services like Amazon Prime Trial.

Generally, they also reward you for the number of sales, the higher you sell your affiliate product, the higher your affiliate percentage will go, so making money with Amazon is all about volume so If you want to join then, join the amazon associate program. 

Eligibility to get into Amazon Associates – Amazon’s affiliate marketing program –

Only you need to have a website with a feed of useful content and unique Article. You have to design your website in that way so visitors should get attracted by your advertising and they must click on the affiliate link.

#3  Amazon Associates Program

One of the best ways to make money from the Amazon associates program.  to join the amazon associates you need to sign up with the amazon program by filling the registration form. and All applications to the Associate’s Program are reviewed by Amazon. it takes 12 to 24 hours to get your site approved form the amazon team.

How long does it take to get approved for Amazon Associates?

So once you are accepted into Amazon Associates program, you can get access to Amazon CPM.  And they can give you access to their website Pay to add ideas.

This is very similar. In addition to Google AdSense, they pay for impressions or views and do not click. AdSense earnings mostly come from clicks that have some CPM ads but are mostly paid- Per-click.

So that’s how it works. You paste the code into your website and display relevant ads to your site. You make money for every 1000 views on your site and you can actually set that you How much you want to earn for every 1,000 views or impressions.  And Amazon will give you recommendations for that price.
Once you become a member of the Amazon Associates Program, you will be able to log in and access the Amazon CPM program.

#4  Sell on Amazon Handmade

The Handmade services are available for artisans to sell their handcrafted products to the millions of amazon regular customers all over the world.
You can sell products such as any handcrafted goods online, including Beauty & Personal Care, Clothing, Shoes & Handbags, Home, Outdoor & Home Care, Jewelry & Watches, Kitchen & Dining, Pet Supplies, Sporting Goods, Stationery & Party Supplies and Toys & Games, etc.

This is a great opportunity for the artisan who loves to design their product want to sell theirs to a loyal customer. Using these services you will able to grow your business even this will help you to grow your earnings.
You will need to have a Professional selling account which costs $39.99 per month for an Amazon Seller, this monthly fee is waived for Handmade artisans.

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#5  Join Amazon Merch (Merchandise)

The last way you can earn with Amazon is through a program that Amazon shorts for merchandise.

Why Amazon Merch is Best for you?

Amazon sells your designs as Amazon products, by reaching millions of customers worldwide with no upfront investment or costs to you.

How does Amazon Merch work?

Simply upload your artwork, and choose a product type and color, and add a product description. Amazon will create a product page on Amazon. And when the customer will make an order, Amazon will deliver the product with no upfront cost.

  1. Upload your artwork
  2. Set a list price
  3. We print what’s sold
  4. Fast shipping with Prime
  5. Earn monthly royalties

You can create and add any kind of Photoshop design or whatever to a shirt. and the customer will place an order for your product you will be rewarded by Amazon. Amazon handles all the printing and shipping.
So if you are an aspiring graphic designer and want to make money online from amazon or want some passive income then join the amazon merge program by clicking on the link-

#6 Earn Through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

One of the easiest ways to make money from Amazon is publishing your digital books online. you can get up to 70% royalties on the sales performance. all you need to do is publish your digital Books on the amazon kindle platform online.
You can print a hard copy of your published books from the amazon Createspace services.

Keep in mind that you have to publish Quality and informative books to get attention from the kindle reader. The smartest option will be that you market your E-books on your basis. You can run Facebook ads and even google ads are the best option to get a lead in the business. Either you can sell on a trial basis or you can sell the free copies of your e-book on the large purchase.


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