How to Sell Product On IndiaMART? Step-by-Step

IndiaMART is India’s largest e-commerce marketplace, Whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer. “Sell Product On IndiaMART” can be very beneficial for small businesses that want to sell their product all over India. that pandemic has affected many small businesses and medium businesses. and the Indian economy has shrunk by the dangerous pandemic. And now, The whole world is back on track and this is good news for the medium sector.

IndiaMart is a leading B2B e-commerce platform in India. IndiaMart has 10 Crore+ Buyers and 60 Lakh+ Suppliers all over India to sell your product. Especially it is more beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) industry. By becoming a seller on IndiaMART you can generate more revenue from your product. Here are the ways to Sell Product On IndiaMART –

Start Selling Free on IndiaMART Just in 3 simple steps:

1. Create Account -Add your name and phone number to get started
2. Add Business– Add the name, address, and e-mail of your company, store, or business.
3. Add Products/ Services– will need a minimum of 3 products/ services you sell, and to create your free listing page. For more inquiry’s you can do a successful  SEO listing. 

Many companies using amazon services to sell their product and services all over the world and making money out of it. IndiaMART comes with the same concept as Amazon. Selling on IndiaMART is easy. Register by entering your contact details, and simply add products to your catalog.

While applying for IndiaMART, you have to take some important step before selling your product on IndiaMART

What is the Documentation for the Verification –

Address proof such as CIN, electricity bill, or invoice. this is address will be displayed on your catalog.

Registration proof such as GST and The product name, images, and videos using which you would like to build your catalog and your visiting card and brochure.

Make sure to get more buyer’s calls and relevant leads for your business, you must share product names, images, and videos along with all required documents.

Indiamart will contact you shortly once the document has been verified by Indiamart.

How to Register for free on IndiaMART, follow the steps given below:

1. Enter your business name.
2. Specify if you have GST or not.
3. Select “Sell”
3. Enter your mobile number & provide OTP.
5. Provide your company with details.


Which products you Can sell on IndiaMART?

1. Apparel and garments
2. Electronics and electrical accessories
3. Packing machine and goods
4. Mechanical part and spare parts
5. Lab instrument and supplies
6. Automobile & spare parts
7. Agricultural & farming
8. Housewares & supplies
9. Metal, alloy, and minerals
10. Hand machine and tools
11. Handcraft and decorative stuff
12. Kitchen utensils and appliances
13. Books and stationery
14. Cosmetics and personal care
15. Engineering services etc.

IndiaMART Advantage Program:

  • Higher Visibility -(acquire more customer)
  • More Business Enquiries- (get more inquiries for your products/services)
  • Additional Leads- (Choose from a list of verified orders for products/services you want to sell)
  • Lead Manager (Desktop & App)
  • Your own Payment Gateway – ‘Pay with IndiaMART’ is a payment gateway solution to receive money from any of your customers easily.


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