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    iPhone 2020 Rumours: what we can expect? (Updated)

    Welcome to another article related to technology.  Today we are going to share with you, what we can expect from the iPhone 12, 2020. As we have been seeing the leaks about, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 pro max these days. let’s begin, the iPhone 2020 Rumours-  We are all looking forward to […] More

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    Lava Mobile Phones: Lava Z1, Lava Z2, Lava Z4, Lava

    Lava Mobile Phones: Today, lava has launched its new smartphone line-up. And lava claims that 70% of their parts used in their new Smartphone are made in India. I am going to cover some important Key-update and the specification of Z-line up. And what an amazing Lava has done with his new Lava Mobile Phones […] More

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    WhatsApp New Updates Privacy Policy: What it is?

    WhatsApp Updates Privacy Policy- Now I just want to quickly update you, because all of us use WhatsApp daily for all kinds of communication and for sharing info& Docs.  There is a new change in its privacy policy that you should be aware of and the terms of service. and what is included in the […] More

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    How to Host Static Website for Free: Firebase Hosting

    In this article, you will learn how to host a static website on Google Firebase for absolutely free. Firebase is one of the best hosting platforms for hosting apps and websites. Introduction to Google firebase Firebase is a platform developed by Google to create mobile and web applications. firebase was founded in 2011, Google acquired […] More

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    What is DuckDuckGo? Google Vs DuckDuckGo Search Engine

    Branding itself as the search engine that doesn’t store your personal info and follow you around with ads or track you DuckDuckGo has managed to undercut its rivals, not on price but privacy. What if I say that DuckDuckGo is an excellent search engine compared to Google. Would you believe it? DuckDuckGo Today has an […] More

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    The Best Paralegal Certification Programs

    While you’re deciding on the best paralegal certification programs, you should also consider the type of program you want. A 30-credit certificate program, also known as a technical certificate, associate degree, or career certificate, will provide you with an entry-level education. This type of program is typically very affordable, especially if you live in-state. You’ll […] More

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    Top 7 Upcoming Electric Scooters & Bikes in India- 2023

    Following is the list  of  Top 7 Upcoming Electric Scooters & Bikes in India Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter  Ultraviolette F77 Electric Bikes Hero MotoCorp Electric Scooter Suzuki Burgman Electric Scooter Honda PCX Electric scooter E-Pilen & Vektorr electric Scooter Revolt RV1 Electric Bikes Top 7 Upcoming Electric Scooters & Bikes in India   Rivot NX100 […] More

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    Top 5 Budget-Friendly Electric Vehicles in India

    Electric vehicles have become more relevant in India than ever before, as evidenced by the introduction of new EVs. The demand for electric vehicles has increased significantly, particularly in the two-wheeler segment, which has grown almost exponentially.  The four-wheeler segment, on the other hand, is still in its infancy in the country, with only a […] More

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    Computer Hardware Engineering Jobs in the USA

    If you’re interested in a career in computer hardware engineering, you’re not alone. The demand for engineers in this field continues to grow and salaries are rising. Read on for more information on the education and training necessary to become a computer hardware engineer and the typical salary for this field. You’ll also be able […] More

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    Top 4 Cheapest Electric Bikes in India- 2022-23

    In 2022, the Indian Market is experiencing a wave of the electric industries which would be intensified with time. With several private companies entering the hot market, the Indian population is equally excited to try their hands on EV Vehicles. Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister of India on 2nd February 20 22 made it obvious […] More