Tik Tok (update): Is Planning to come in India? tik-tok-updates-planning-to-come-in-india / ‎ to another article related to the news. in this article, I am going to share with you some facts about TIKTOK’s update is TIK TOK planning to come to India?

Tik Tok is a faster-growing social media platform on the internet. Tik Tok is a short video-sharing application. It’s complete Chinese owns a platform which is launched by ByteDance ( internet technology) company.

It’s was launched in September 2016 and it runs compatible with both devices ( IOS and Android).

Why is TikTok banned? by the Indian government

recently, the Indian government banned Tik Tok from India for some security reasons. The Indian government claimed on Tik Tok that this company is sharing information of Indian users with the Chinese government. after the border dispute, the Indian government comes into action and banned over 52 Chinese applications including Tik Tok. This application is completely against Indian national security.

Is Tik Tok coming to India?

Looking at India, now president of America Donald Trump has also warned Tik Tok ( 45 days to sell their ownership)  that if the Chinese company wants Tik Tok not to be banned in the US, then it will have to sell its application to an American company.

And if the Chinese company does not do this, then Tik Tok will be completely banned in the US. and a Recent Forbes survey 40% Of the American population Support Trump’s Threat To Ban TikTok . and Deadline for Tik Tok sale is September 15: Donald Trump.

And similarly, the Government of India also wants the Chinese company to relinquish its ownership from Tik Tok to the Indian company. And Mukesh Ambani ( reliance) is thinking that he should take ownership of china’s company and change his privacy policy and bring it back to Indian.

Yes! In Tik Tok’s statement (mentioned below), It’s is prepared to follow all Indian government regulations and policy. So there is a big chance of Tik Tok, that the government can allow the application to run in India (the terms & policy should change) and the government body should comply.

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