Home Remedies to Eliminate Asthma: Natural Treatment

Indian Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who has managed to take yoga out of, books, not only in the country but also abroad, says that treatment of asthma is possible only through yoga. Home Remedies to Eliminate Asthma: Natural Ayurveda-

Pranayama: Treatment for asthma

Home Remedies to Eliminate Asthma: Natural Ayurveda- Pranayama can be as effective as a treatment for asthma. Seek the help of medicines only if you are not fully recovered from Pranayama. By the way, asthma in most cases is cured by regular pranayama. Baba says that Pranayam not only cures mild asthma but also complicated hard asthma and also benefits those who have to use an inhaler 10 to 20 times a day due to asthma. Baba says that people usually used to be believed that asthma goes with courage but this belief is not correct because asthma can be cured only by doing pranayama and taking a little precaution in food. Lungs cannot fully breathe due to simple breathing, so even full oxygen does not reach the body. Pranayama also benefited asthma patients who were on oxygen.

Pranayama also helps to prevent problems like asthma, hypertension depression, and insomnia. Baba said In Bhastrika Pranayama, fill the air in the lungs and not in the stomach. Do this pranayama for one to two minutes. Asthma patients should not do any pranayama with tremors. Otherwise, there will be a loss instead of a profit. Kapalbhati Pranayama is especially beneficial for asthma patients. Exhaling the breath is Kapalbhati Pranayama. Do it thirty times in one minute on the first day, then gradually increase it to five minutes to 15 minutes.

Baba says to do total pranayama for 45 minutes. This includes Bhastrika Pranayam 5 minutes, Kapalabhati Pranayama 15 to 20 minutes, External Pranayama 3 to 5 minutes, 20 from Anlom Antonyms From 5 minutes reverse 15 to 20 minutes, illusionary 3 minutes and meditate on the breath for 3 minutes. If asthma patients feel short of breath or tired, stop them. Vata dosha has a bad effect on the joints, due to pitta dosha the eyes become red, there is a headache, acidity, heartburn or urine starts burning and the whole body becomes puffy due to phlegm. Then becomes agrarian and at the same time, it also harms the forehead and ears. Baba Ramdev says that the permanent treatment of asthma patients with pranayama is possible.

Home Remedies: Treatment for asthma

Along with Pranayama, the patient should also do some home remedies. Like boil dry ginger and basil in water and then drink that water. Never drink plain milk. Always drink turmeric, basil, and dry ginger in milk. Do not eat yogurt and never eat yogurt during night time. Chyawanprash is also beneficial, but never drink milk with Chyawanprash. It is said that Chyawan Rishi became young after eating Chyawanprash, but remember never to take Chyawanprash with milk. Also, do not drink ice cream or cold drinks.

Tips to Drink water: Treatment for asthma

Drink water after about one hour after eating and that too hot, not cold. Baba says that along with this do external pranayama three to 5 times. If asthma patients do not do this pranayama in the beginning, then Agnisara can also be complete it’s Later, they reverse. Do this by first breathing through the left nostril and exhaling from the right and then with the right. Asthma patients should always keep in mind that they have to do all the asanas easily. By doing this they will get amazing benefits.

Sometimes it has been seen that the patient recovers in the camp itself. It is necessary that if you do full pranayama and for the whole time, then it will definitely benefit and get rid of the disease, even if the time is longer. Some people may get benefits on the first day, while others take a few days. But it is so sure that there will be benefits. Baba says that it cannot happen that asthma is not cured by taking some precautions in pranayama and food.

Bhambri: Treatment for asthma

Bhambri and Ujjayi Pranayama can also be complete with these, in which breath is drawn from both nostrils with the voice and is release after stopping for 2 seconds. Baba Ramdev says that if an asthma patient has a cough while doing pranayama, then put a little licorice, 2 or 3 black pepper, and clove, and a little sugar candy in the mouth and keep sucking it. It will not cause a cough. Not only this, no matter how old the cough is, it will also be cured.

Apart from this, if you get fever due to cold or cold, boil 5 to 7 leaf basil with Saunth in a glass of water and drink it when the water remains half. If asthma patients feel the need and feel that they are not getting full benefit only by Pranayama, then they can take 1 or 2 drops of Shilajit in milk. Apart from this, take 100 grams of dry ginger, peepal, and black pepper. Grind all three together. This powder is called trikuta. Take half gram Trikuta with one teaspoon of honey for cough or asthma. It is also good for a thyroid patient.

Remedies to Eliminate Asthma

Also, make a decoction and keep it always in the house. This is very beneficial for colds, asthma, fever, cough, gas, loss of appetite, stomach upset. Remember that never take milk plain, always add ginger, turmeric, and basil leaf. Baba says that if the nose is close, then the conspirators can put Ul in the nose. Alternatively, mix the pepper, parsley, desi caper with 5 grams of clove oil and 5 grams of kalptis oil.

Whenever the nose is applied on the nose, the nose will open. If you take it on the chest, the phlegm deposited in the chest will come out. While taking its lava steam, put 4-5 drops of it in water. Not only this and eating 5 drops Not only this, after putting 4-5 drops in the sugar and putting it in water after drinking, vomiting, diarrhea, acidity, or cold is the cure. Apart from this, applying one of its teeth in the tooth also stops a toothache.

Baba says that not only an asthmatic patient but also a normal person can Eliminate complete Asthma, after going to the toilet with regular exercise, after pouring half a teaspoon of fennel and fennel in a liter of water, drink lukewarm by boiling, and then bow down 90 degrees. It can be Complete not every day but sometimes, ie, 2 or 4 times a month, due to this, instant relief in Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Dosha.

Along with this, Sutra Neti and Jal Neti can also be done. But remember, not doing sutra neti and Jal neti properly can cause damage in place of profit. Baba Ramdev says that even a normal person can do pranayam in the open ground in the summer or winter season, but the rajas should keep their doors in the room to avoid the cold winds. Pranayam should be complete by opening windows. Because the cold winds are harmful to them.\

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