Green Tea: Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects


Green Tea Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects- A mystery will surprise many people to know tea to learn that green tea and also black tea both originate from the same plant species—Camellia sinensis. Green tea is one of the best healthiest beverages on earth.

In Asia, drinking tea is a custom that people have been doing since ancient times. Green tea is a great beverage. It is loaded with antioxidants many more nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. Green Tea contains phytochemicals, such as polyphones and also caffeine which is good for health. It is considered to be an “anti-aging beverage.” You’ve probably heard a lot about the health advantage of green tea — loaded with antioxidants and also nutrients that are great for your body and mind.

Producer of Green Tea

China is the largest tea (all types of tea) producing country and also the largest exporter in the world. As well as China is the largest green tea-producing country in the world, which is producing approximately 2,414,802 Tons annually. And also some other top countries which are producing green tea in India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Argentina, Japan, and also Iran. Currently, China provides 80% of green tea in the global market. (1)

Top Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea

Cancer prevention

Green Tea has contains so many nutrients to good effect on the body. It contains antioxidants components, which means it protecting the cells in the body and also boosts your immune system. Green tea contains Polyphenols and also other components that can reduce the risk of chronic disease, arthritis, and also diabetes. It also corrects the process of the immune system. (2) Green tea can lower the risk of cancer as followed:

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  • Lung
  • Skin
  • Prostate
  • Breast

Green tea for Weight Loss

One of the most efficient weight-loss theories is green tea. Green tea is a good option for those people who want to lose their weight naturally, balanced, and also light-calorie diet up your chances of getting a slimmer body. It helps to boost metabolism and also makes blood circulation faster which is helps ease the process of the digestion system. Green tea for diabetes-Green tea is also good for those people who patients with diabetes because it helps to metabolic system function better. All of these activities reduce the risk of heart disease, which is mostly seems in people with diabetes. The polyphenols present in green tea maintain the glucose levels in the body. It also helps to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Green tea for blood pressure

Green tea reduces harmful cholesterol, which can reduce heart problems. Continuous intake of green tea improves blood pressure levels. Consuming 2 to 4 cups daily consumption of green tea can control blood pressure

Green tea for skin

Green tea has antioxidant components which are helping to skin from UV rays. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, its high content of polyphenols called catechins. The catechins in green tea can be reducing irritation, redness, and swelling, and dark circles. Green tea has an EGCG, a hard-to-find antioxidant that reduces the effects of pollution, sun damage, and more chemicals. Some study finds that consuming green tea also can help with hair growth.

Green tea for the heart

Green-tea reduces harmful cholesterol, which can reduce cardiovascular disease and keep lower high blood pressure. According to the report published in the magazine of the American Heart Association, if you consume green tea and coffee daily, it mostly reduces the risk of a heart attack. (3) In the same way, it may lower many diseases. Clinical studies on the consumption of daily green tea have found that it helps lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Side effects of Consuming too much green tea

These side effects can range from mild to serious.

  • Liver toxicity and kidney issues.
  • Headache, nervousness,
  • sleep problems, ringing in the ears, convulsions, and confusion

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