How To Make Money Online During Lockdown

Terms like – how to earn a supplement amount or ways to Make Money Online During Lockdown have been explored by millions of people since last year. The nationwide covid-19 crisis and the lockdown is a severe breakdown for the entire country – emotionally, financially, in terms of health, and in all manners, the life is persuaded. This covid-19 juncture that has instilled our lives since 2020 has punctured and halted the lives of every one of us.

These crises are unavoidable, but the number of people suffering is very unfortunate. With the stroll of life-taking, the Pandemic has brought major financial crises to many of your fellows, especially to middle-class people who are suffering unbearably for a long time now. The U.S.News says this Pandemic, worldwide, has added 131 million people in the count of poverty from the middle class.

The number says itself a lot about people who have sunk from the middle-class line to poverty. Thereby, since the times have been hard and tiring for all, but considering having money is the need of time for all,

in this article, we will give you a few ideas through which you can make money online. 

This post suggests a list of business ideas/online platforms and a few ways through which you can make money. 

So keep reading, Gag! Grab the opportunity that suits you well, and give some extra treat to your pocket. 

List Of Business Ideas/ Online Platforms To Make Money Online During Lockdown

Ever since the Pandemic has been living with us all, the work culture worldwide has seen a drastic shift and had to reshape. Consequently, as there has been a great change in the operations of businesses, there are changes in the way employees work too. Many employees are laid off during this Pandemic, and now want to earn money online to support their families.

In fact, the ones who have the job look for some side hustles to earn extra. With stats coming from Forbes on countries witnessing growth in the number of freelancers – India saw a surge of freelancers with 160%, the Philippines with 208%, Japan with 87%, Australia, 86%, and other countries likewise.

Thus, during these tough times and even further if you want to join the freelancer’s community to certainly earn more, you have the below-given ideas of the business and online platforms from where you can make money online during the lockdown and at the later dates as well.

Freelance Sites You Can Sign-In To Get The Work Of Your Choice

We all know, many freelance sites become the bridge between the freelancer and the client. But since freelance sites are many, there are only a few of them that are reliable and used by most freelance community members. Sites include Upwork, Freelancer, Indeed, 99designs, Krop, PeoplePerHour.

These are just a few sites to name, where a higher number of freelancers are registered. These applications can help you streamline your work, client communication, work management, payments, and client calls as well. So choose the field you are comfortable working in, and register yourself in the respective application today to earn extra.

Write What You Have Experienced & Earn Money Online 

Everyone’s life has a story that is fondly heard by many people when told in a get-together or other places. If you have a story to narrate, a love affair story, an exciting experience, a book that changed your life, home affairs, a sad story, a weight loss journey, or any real story, you can share it on FeatureMe or at Real People Mag.

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An experience that you had some time in your life, written in the form of a story and published on the above-given platforms can let you make money. Get yourself writing what you have gone through, and make that already happened even pay you today. 

Solve Business Problems & Get Paid

In the world, with a lap full of businesses, there is N number of problems in their ways to success. Often when we are going through a problem, we find it difficult to find a solution for our good selves. But a piece of advice coming from others often works out for our issues. Thus, if you want to be a problem solver in that business, go to InnoCentive and share your advice there. For every solution of yours that solves an issue for a business, you get paid a hefty amount. 

Try Your Hands On Any Category You Want To Lend Your Service For 

Fiverr is a site where you log in with your skills, and they help you make money. If you are a designer, writer, video editor, social media marketer, voice-over artist, musician, or if you have any other unique skills, you are welcomed here to work and make as much money you can. This site has made people earn from $5-$10,000. Working hard with your skills on this site can make you earn as much as you want, all sitting in the comfort of your home.

Interested in Correcting Texts, Surveys, or Categorizing Data? Check This Out

Clickworker is a website that is always on the lookout for users who can help them in creating or correcting texts, participate or undertake different surveys and searches, and people who can categorize their data. The site is in search of candidates from all over the world. Since these surveys are conducted all around, you do not have to move to any place.

You have to work remotely in any category you want and earn money from home. So, if this interests you, click the link and join the gig. This site on average will let you earn $9 per hour. 

Best Ways To Make Money Online During Lockdown

Virtual Assistant 

The digital world is overhauling businesses ever since the COVID-19 lockdown has shut the doors of the companies. Abide the current situation, as many businesses have shifted online, most of us have worked from home at some point in time.

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Because most of the businesses are operated online even today, the requirements of the VAs have actually got higher. So, if you have got typing skills of 80-100 WPM, good digital skills, organizational skills, communicating skills, you can be a virtual assistant. VA is one of the most reliable options to opt for as a freelancer, which is great for the long run as well. 

Earn To Write Online 

Back2college, Listverse, Longreads, Loaded Landscapes are some of the sites that pay you for writing articles. If you always wanted to write but never had the opportunity for the same, no better time would come than this to start writing. These are sites you can submit your write-ups to, and make money online during lockdown by simply writing relevant and high-quality content. 

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If Baking Is Your Type, Go For It 

This lockdown, we all have tried our hands in cooking. From baking muffins to Dalgona coffee, the trend of cooking included a lot of things. So, if this lockdown you think you have learned these skills of baking or you have sharpened them, then let others taste the sweetness of your hand, and the aroma of cake spread over.

If not baking, but you think you cook great snacks, chips, cookies, or other things, start a small set-up at home for the same. Home-cooked is the preference of people these days. 

Try Your Hands On Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is used by many organizations to increase their sales. If you promote a product and bring leads or the sale to the organization, you earn commission on the same. The commission varies between 5%-20%. It entirely depends upon the client and your negotiation.

If you have marketing skills, let them not go in vain. Bring the leads for a business, increase their sales, and get a higher commission. This way you make money online during the lockdown and sharpen your skills. 

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Have any Talent? Start Your YouTube Channel 

Hey, do you think this is the most glamorous way to make money online? Well, maybe it is if you have the talent to string the eyes of your spectators to your actions. 

We all know talent and fresh ideas in this time have been really refreshing and motivating for us all. Since we all have used phones and scrolled social media, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, more than doing anything for entertainment, let’s be a part of the entertainment of others or knowledge source with the youtube channel.

Having more subscribers can bring pay checks to you for showcasing your skills. 

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Data Entry: 

Many companies are looking for people who can organize their data and do the work of data entry for them. If you think doing the data entry work does not test your patience, and you can handle the work, go ahead and grab the opportunity. There is N number of companies that are looking for freelancers for data entry you can join.

But before you take on a project, make sure the company is genuine, as in the name of Data entry frauds have been at the peak. Any above-mentioned online portal or other job search portals can let you have the opportunity for the same. 

Online Tutoring: Best Make Money Online During Lockdown 

The education system like other systems has passed the push of interruption too. So, making education and your way to make money online easier you can go for online tutoring. You can register on Skooli,, TutorMe, or other sites where you think you can take the classes. 

And due to the outbreak of covid, everyone is sitting at their house and wants to hone their skills. Therefore you can provide either compaction skill classes or personal development classes and help each one gain some knowledge.

Not for now, this online tutoring trend is taking a long place and due to this a lot of changes are going to happen in the Indian education system.

Online Surveys 

There are sites, Swagbucks, Junkie, Vindale, and many others that pay you for taking up a quick survey. The surveys that are not more than a couple of minutes pay $3-$35 per survey, which might not be much, but any side income at this moment should be embraced. So, go get doing the surveys, and add on to your income. 

Lend Your Car 

If you have a car, but you are not using the same at the moment, it is better to let this investment make money for you. To rent your car, you can contact a corporate agency or attach it to Ola, Uber, or other cab services. You can also rent out the vehicle to travel agencies.

But, when you are renting your car, be ready to bear any adverse circumstances. Besides, to be better safe than sorry, make a contract with the company that negotiates the losses in any case of an accident. So, if you have a car, rent it out to let it make money for you. 

Take Up Projects That Suit You 

As mentioned above, there are various sites where you can take up projects that match your expertise. If you are a content writer, accountant, SEO expert, graphic designer, video editor, or proficient in other skills, there are thousands of opportunities waiting for you in the queue in the mentioned above apps. All you have to do is, sign in, write about yourself, and get the work that suits you. 


Since you have read the entire article, you know there are several businesses, online portals, and numerous options you can try your hands on to make money online during the lockdown. Well, we understand all these ideas would hit differently to everyone, as everyone’s personal interests and skills are different. But, these ideas are some of the best to make some extra money during this lockdown.

Sitting at home and not being a hand to spread this virus is our duty without choice, and we can’t change that. But not sitting ideally and not wasting time, instead, making some money and increasing the knowledge is in our hands. So, let’s flip this situation into an opportunity to build our wealth in a better way.

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