Apple WWDC 2020: Apple keynote Highlights


Apple announced the latest iOS 14 on 22 June at Apple WWDC 2020. Here we are going to mention all the highlighted features that have been announced at WWDC 2020. Apple launched many new products in 2019 like iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro, A13 Bionic chip, and many more.

How these all feature works and how you can use them, we will cover all the features as much as we can.

Apple Announces new Home Screen App Library iOS 14 At Apple WWDC

App Library This is a new space at the end of your home screen pages that automatically organizes all your apps to navigate in a simple and easy way

iPhone home screen widgets in iOS 14

The widgets will now come in different sizes, which you just tap and hold on the weather widget and drag it outside and on the home screen. In the widget, there are many different sizes of smart stack available

iPhone picture-in-picture for iOS 14

Picture in a picture When you swipe to go home the video automatically moves to picture and picture on the home screen and you can watch videos when you launch other apps like Notes. Now you can drag the picture to another part of the screen and if you want to enlarge it you can pinch to zoom. You can also swipe it to the side and the audio keeps playing when it is off-screen.

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Siri Redesign with a new translation

This time Siri is 20 times faster than three years ago. This time you can now ask Siri to send you an audio message and Siri will start recording. And when you are communicating with someone in another language you can take the help of Siri. This time Siri comes with a new voice translation feature, you can use your text and voice between any of these combinations (English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian). It can translate, eleven languages.  Just tap on the microphone and say what your store hours are and turn the phone into a landscape. To open the conversation mode, its design is easy for two people in a side-by-side view to know which side in the conversation Has to follow.

Pin favorite conversation

ios 14 introducing a new way of messaging in-app to let you stay connected to your most important conversations by letting you pin them at the top of your list so you can always get to them easily.

Apple introduces face masks for your Memoji

 this time in ios 14 updates has added even more ways to create your look with over 20 new hair and headwear styles to let you reflect your hobby profession and personality they’ve also added something that’s even more relevant today face coverings and age options too.

New group chat update in ios14

Now you can refer people in a group chat or reply to inline messages in the new update of iOS 14

Apple added cycling directions and EV routing to Maps in iOS 14

The new ios 14 updates will get some major upgrades, this time not only you can see dedicated routes for bicycles, but also EV routing for electric cars with iOS 14, maps your current charge and factor elevation and Will automatically track things like weather. Add charging stops along your route.

Apple digital car keys feature announced

 The Apple is even doing away with car keys you can now leave the keys at home and unlock certain cars with your iPhone and the very first car to support this will be the new 2021 BMW 5-series.

Apple App Clips: how can you use apple clips

A new feature designed to ensure that you actually have an app, they start with this card which pops up quickly, and with just one tap you can launch the app clip, giving you credit There is no need to enter a card number because the app can use the clip. Apple uses apple pays for payment and you do not need to manually log into an account because it can take advantage of signing in with Apple.

You’ll be able to tap on the NFC tag in the world on things like parking meters or you can scan QR codes to launch app clips that work with the products you’ve purchased. App clip codes so you can tap on them or the app Scan clips with the camera to get them.

New incoming phone call feature

Finally, phone calls will stop taking full screen on the iPhone this time. as is presented with a compact notification that does not take you out of context and you can just tap to answer or flick it to dismiss the call.

Apple Pencil gets impressive updates with iPadOS

ipadOS got even more powerful and so now when if you draw a simple shape and pause at the end they’ll automatically convert to that ideal shape-retaining the same size and angle that you drew it. you can select the handwriting while avoiding the drawings nearby now you can easily change the color or move it around the document.

AirPods Pro gets a huge new Dolby Atmos update in iOS 14

Apple has packed more features into its earbuds this time, including the ability to automatically switch between devices and spatial audio for an authentic surround sound experience, you need the sound field to be stable, so the sound sounds like it’s coming from the pointer and not some random point in space. You use accelerometers and gyroscopes and ear pods pro to track the motion of your head for recirculation of the sound field.

Apple watch ios 14 new updates: hand wash tracking 

The new ios 14 update comes with add-in heart rate data for the most accurate calorie burn calculation that brings your heart rate and breath back to normal. Sleep tracking The Apple Watch tracks your sleep using a machine learning model that realizes your speed and even explains the subtle movements that occur as your breath rises and falls. The major update is that it can also track your handwashing time and watch OS 7. Apple Watch is the first watch to automatically recognize when you start washing your hands and realize that Exactly how long you wash. You will get a little coaching to do a good job. You will see a countdown with haptics and sounds to make sure you wash until you are done with your handwash.

Apple new privacy policy

Apple is doing very well in terms of the privacy policy. This time Apple is required to report its application to each developer. And they will show you what their developer tells them and you can see whether the developer is collecting very little data or a lot of data from you. If they are sharing data with other companies, to let you know that Apple is going to keep product information in the App Store so that for each app you can see the highlights of their personal information before downloading them.

Safari gets interesting new features

New features such as built-in translation were discovered and a visual way to control tab privacy is essential to what we do at Apple and this is important on the web. If you turn off the intelligent tracking prevention button, you will see the number of known trackers that Safari has protected you from this webpage.

Quickstart program

Apple launched the QuickStart program, the focus of QuickStart program is to enable developers to universalize their apps and leverage all the capabilities of Apple Silicon. The program also includes new developers to transform kit hardware so developers can go past the Apple Ship production system. The developer will be able to apply for the program at the official Apple developer site.

When will be released ios14

Apple did not say officially when it will be release but According to the WWDC event

“We plan to support and release new versions of the Mac OS for years on Intel-based Macs, which will be available today as developer bets in the coming years for our OS releases, and each one of them There will be a public beta, including Watch OS for the first time. Starting next month and all this great software will be available to our customers”

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